1. A strict “no privacy” policy

You know what? If it’s private… don’t share it!

The objective of Offinity is to create exposure for your challenges. Because it feels good to share them, and also because perhaps someone else can jump in and give a hand. And the magic of pronoïa is that you don’t know who can and who will help you. In fact, the more remote that person, the more blessed you will feel! So let’s not waste your chance by restraining access. You have good intentions anyway, no need to be ashamed.

That is why we’re not going to bother you with so-called privacy guarantees that will anyway be obfuscated by unreadable Terms and Conditions, and we might, later down the road, change anyway. This assumes you won’.t get your password stolen, and our servers won’t get compromised by the Greater Order of the Illuminati over the next 10 years… who can promise that? For sure we can’t. No privacy, no BS.

And because too much public information might be compiled to extract implicit telltales and steal info that you didn’t consent to share, we’re going to implement oblivion. As time flies, your content will progressively degrade (pictures become blurry, loose colors, names swapped, words vanishing,…).

2. Start with “why”, remember?

Why share something publicly? We believe the one person to whom it should be most useful is you. You are not the product, you are the main character, the player one. So we’d like to ask: which of your quest will be served?

To that purpose, we’re offering OPLA: a module to handle your quests, keep them at hand, define their key results associated, and monitor your progress. Once you have set them in Opla, your objectives will be handily available for each post for you to attach and contribute to your quest logbook.

If you’re not updating an objective for a long time, perhaps it’s no longer relevant? You’ll be proposed to either terminate it (since you’re setting them to yourselves, why to bother keeping them?) or to share an update with your influencers. They care about you, they won’t judge you, and it is news to confirm that despite no time to move on, your intention remains.

All posts have an intention behind them. We believe that making that intention explicit improves the quality of the content.

3. Control your voice

The magic of social networks is that you don’t need to spend time and energy worrying about who gets to be in the to: and who gets the cc: line, and who is out of the loop. The algorithm is doing it for you (forgive me for not using “A.I.” nor “Machine learning” buzzwords).

In theory, the fact that you don’t know your readership is supposed to ensure the honesty of your words. You can’t be biased by your interlocutor if you don’t know who he or she is, right? Could have been true in the early days. We all know by now, things have turned differently. We have been learning how to adapt our expression style to maximize our reach by manipulating the algorithm to our advantage, creating all sorts of distortions like people posting pictures of kitties when they look for a flat. Some people even teach that to others who pay to learn how to grab more attention, more “traction” for their posts.

Let’s reconsider this.

In Offinity, your readers are your influencers, your influences, the people you mention, the owners of the badges that you mentioned. You know, they know. And when there will be too much activity and filtering will be needed, you will hold in your hands the controls of the filters.

4. Sharing is caring

Offinity aims to make sharing caring again. Most of the time you will update your tribe with your progress on this or that goal. And you will go there and check your timeline to see who you can help today, who will make your day paying you with the gratitude of a hint, advice, an connection you made, an experience you shared.

But sometimes, you will explicitly need help on something precise. A little stone in your shoes, hurting your feet as you try to walk towards success. In that situation, you will be invited to describe that stone and raise a flag that you will leave up until your problem is solved.

That vulnerability of yours will be made visible, and if not resolved after a week, the system will alert your influencers that maybe on day one they thought they were not the best person to help, but now that no one showed up, perhaps you could do a little thing. At least a comment, alike, or refer to a name?

As the person exposing my weakness, I am reluctant to come over and over with it. I don’t want to be a pain, and embarrass people around me with multiple complaints. That’s why Offinity will do it for you.

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