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Officience celebrates World Day AIDS

Let’s make the first step together!

Today, all over the world, people manifests for a very important fight: against HIV and AIDS. But what matters with the red ribbon?

Created in 1991 by the Visual AIDS Artists Caucus in New York, Patrick O’Connell, founding director of Visual Aids and his friends wished to demonstrate compassion for people living with AIDS and their caregivers. Inspired by the yellow ribbons honoring American soldiers serving in the Gulf war, the color red was chosen for its, “connection to blood and the idea of passion — not only anger, but love, like a valentine”, according to the Visual AIDS press release announcing The Ribbon Project. The ribbon’s form is an inverted ‘V’ without a bow and also an infinity non-completed . The letter will be returned to symbolize the victory when the cure will be found.

The Red Ribbon continues to be a powerful force in the fight to increase public awareness of HIV/AIDS and in the lobbying efforts to increase funding for AIDS services and research. Wearing a Red Ribbon is the first step that we would like to make with you. The next is to do something more.

A big thanks to our Officience red ribbon’s makers: Roméo and Tan Duc (GS), Anh Tu (IT Dev), Tuyet Anh (Content BU), Thanh Thuy (HR).

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