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Another “good problem”

After 3 years of good service, and developing wonders of creative energy to keep living our growth closely together, we have to face it : Our current office has turned too small.

I’ve read somewhere that the optimal size for an office space is 150 positions. Beyond that, staffs don’t recognize each other anymore, they don’t greet each other at the watercooler, and you start having society problems (theft, negligence for the company’s assets…) I’m not sure how inflexible this rule of thumb is, but let’s not try. It’s quite fortunate, because we love our current place and so we have a great reason to keep it.


Has anyone heard about 500 to 1000 office sqm availables in the northern or eastern part of Ho Chi Minh city, between 10 and 20 min motorbike ride from downtown ?
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  • Patrick Bivona says:

    The 150 limit is referred to in The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. You might have read it there!

  • Duc says:

    Exactly thank you !
    In fact I read it in several occasions, including in this book.
    It’s like the 10 000 hours story : spreading idea…

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