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Esperantopolis – an intercultural artistic event

Press conference this morning in Ho Chi Minh City! Today’s subject: introducing the multi-arts event organised by the ‘French Cultural and Cooperation Office’ which will take place on Friday 24 June. The entire artistic team from the Esperantopolis project was there, as well as Officience, as a sponsor.

2010: the “On Slam” event

In June 2010, the On Slam event, which took place at the Institute for Cultural Exchange with France (IDECAF), attracted around 800 people and proved that there were new ways to spread French language and culture and win over new audiences.

Many college and university students came along to discover new forms of urban cultural expression. The challenge of getting artists from different backgrounds to work together was taken on with particular thanks to financial support from Groupama and Officience, companies both based in Ho Chi Minh City.

2011: the Esperantopolis project

Created in 2011, Esperantopolis is focused around two main events:

From April to June, 10 workshops took place. These workshops were presented by French-speaking artists for Vietnamese students learning French. They were inspired by 10 words chosen by the French Ministry of Culture – accueillant (welcoming), agapes (agape), avec (with), chœur (choir/chorus), complice (partner), cordée (roped), fil (thread), harmonieusement (harmoniously), main (hand)  and réseauter (networking).

The multi-arts event will take place on the 24 June, as announced at the press conference. The Office for Culture and Cooperation has invited the famous Parisian graffiti artist Julien Malland, aka ‘Seth’ to take part in the Esperantopolis project. He will put on a unique graffiti performance and DJs will also be performing throughout the evening.

Officience is one of the sponsors of this innovative project, also supported by Groupama, Piaggio, International SOS and Bourjois.

At the press conference, Duc Ha Duong, the CEO and Co-Founder of Officience, had the chance to speak about Officience’s values: “Since 2006, we have been motivated by the dream of a world that can breathe more easily […] Business is becoming more mixed, Officience exists only because of and for this commitment, in which artistic expression plays a key role in shaping our identity.”

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