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Social media and marketing

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“How do marketing managers use social media? “

On Tuesday 14 June 2011, at the Ho Chi Minh City Palace Hotel, a « breakfast conference » on social networks and their use by marketing managers took place. It was organized by the CFVG and there were two main speakers: Mr Marc Diviné, associate professor from the “Institut of Business Administration” of Paris-Sorbonne and Mr Nguyen Dan Duy Nhat, president of the CMO Council Worldwide in Vietnam.

Of course, Officience’s reporters attended the conference. Here is a summary of the main ideas and figures from the event.

A few figures

First, Mr Diviné presented some results from a survey of 200 companies: 54% of which were B2B companies and 47% with more than 1000 employees.

  • 54% of the companies studied use social networks daily.
  • 3.4 of these social network are used in an interconnected way.

A survey of 3 300 managers with marketing positions shows the following results:

  • 90% think that social networks are very important
  • 58% believe that social networks are time consuming
  • 77% think that video marketing is booming
  • 70% would like to have training on or improve their knowledge of social networks

How to use them?

It’s not just about having a web presence, social networks are of a real interest for marketing and communications. Still according to the survey, companies mostly use them to:

  • « Push information » : brand communication, corporate information, buzz generation, website traffic generation
  • « Watch» : collect testimonials, listen to clients, study the brand reputation
  • « Animation » : product information, usage advice, visitors generated content, entertaining content
  • « Employ »: social networks for 51% of future employees

Thanks to social networks, you can improve your image, raise awareness and improve customers and users interactions. You can also improve your product definition, your ROI on campaigns and therefore also your revenue.

How to successfully launch social media?

Although social networks are generally profitable to companies, it is important to consider the following before using social networks

  • You need  people to be satisfied with your product.
  • You should have a story to tell and a message to get across.
  • Community members should have stories to exchange as well.
  • You should have a strategy and specific people to manage it.

On top of that, you should have a good knowledge of your product and of your company to avoid bad buzz or a worsening of the company brand, feared by 60% of marketing managers.

Vietnam and social networks

Vietnam is a young country moving quickly. The market isn’t « branded » yet, brands are not as well known as in Europe thus brands can taste new things more easily, there are no big consequences. On top of that, social media are cheap and quick to implement which make them perfectly adapted for Vietnam.

Social networks have many advantages. Easy to use, simple to manage, they allow companies to target their campaigns and measure their results. This is why companies are increasingly seduced by this way of communicating.

However, keep in mind that these tools evolve really quickly which means regular updates and training will be needed. That takes a lot of time. So, to be able to focus on their core business without neglecting their “web image”, 28% of businesses are already outsourcing some or all of their social media marketing.

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