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Can Google+ be useful for Outsourcing ?

The Beta version of Google+ was launched only a few weeks ago and already seems to be enjoying considerable success. 10 to 20 million people have subscribed to the new Google social network although the site has been overloaded several times and you can only subscribe if you receive an invitation from a an existing member. Many analysts are watching this phenomenon closely for two reasons: firstly, to evaluate the importance of innovations from Google and secondly to see if Google is in a position to compete with Facebook.

Google+ is made for businesses

Although initial feedback is glowing, many experts believe that Google+ is not really tailored to the general public. In fact, the way Google+ works is, at times, too complex for the ‘average’ user. This will dissuade them from leaving a network such as Facebook which meets the majority of their needs. In fact, Google+ has many applications that could be exploited for professional use:

  • ‘Circles’ targets client relations and therefore marketing,
  • ‘Hangouts’ offers conference calls which are particularly easy to use,
  • ‘Sparks’ enables you to search by theme.

By adding other Google functionalities (Gmail, Spreadsheets, etc.), we can see that in the future Google+ will be a major player in social networks for businesses, able to develop businesses both in terms of relationships with partners (B2B) as well as internally.

Possible benefits for Offshoring

Such a social network for businesses could benefit Offshoring companies in particular. For example, several years ago the reluctance towards externalisation focussed around the distance between the client and the service provider, but the phenomenon of Cloud Computing redefined the concept of distance. Today, geographical location is no longer the main issue, rather a company’s presence on certain types of networks. Google+ therefore allows businesses like Officience to share their data more easily and quickly and to enhance their proximity to their clients.

Currently, Google has asked companies not to subscribe to its product but promises that a test phase with businesses will begin soon.

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