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I saw a lot of dreams yesterday at TEDxMekong 2011

Ngoc Thu Tran Thi, Head of HR at Officience, attended the TEDxMekong 2011 Conference in Ho Chi Minh City on August 18. She gives us her impressions on the this forum for young Vietnamese people who want to exchange ideas and views on entrepreneurship.

“Dream of Ngan, a fresh graduate student who was driven by the idea of bringing Circle Painting, a very successful non-profit movement originated by an American Vietkieu, as a life skill training to young Vietnamese students & professionals. The conference room was filled with more than a hundred of young people, and almost every one of them had a dream like her: dreams to set up their own business, dreams to do something good for the society.

Dreams of older people, the speakers

Dream of Dr Nguyen Anh Thuan who saw great new business opportunities in social development.

Dream of CEO Le Ba Thong who hoped our future young entrepreneurs would realize the importance of the company’s culture as a key of their success.

Professor Loek Hopstaken & CEO Francis Hung loved to see a new generation of young Vietnamese people capable of choosing to do the right things (“even if it means that you can’t meet short-term expectations of other people by doing so”) because integrity is the foundation of any business.

Dream of Mme Ton Nu Thi Ninh who encouraged us to think about the fundamental characteristic of Vietnamese people, the things that make us remarkable, that forge our identity and that will be the inner soul of our nation branding to be developed.

In a smaller scale, Phd Phan Quoc Viet wished that each of us could find out what we were capable of and what we were best at, and work consistently on it to build up personal branding because it is the only way for us if we want to be noticed.

Professor Vo Tong Xuan dreamed about brilliant entrepreneurs who know how to make Vietnamese agriculture products well-known around the world, how to sustainably organize the productions, to help Vietnamese farmers to earn better living.

TEDxMekong’s dreams

And finally, dream of our dear young organizers who wanted to see the event, like the rich Mekong river, widely spread ideas amongst young people who love to share and learn from each other. They believed in that joined effort that would be capable of moving the whole nation forward.

No one knows for sure if those dreams will be realized. Many of them will surely be, some of them may not, some others may be done by another person, at another time. What I think I am sure of is that dreams make us feel happy. I saw it on every face, in everyone’s eyes and smile yesterday at TEDxMekong 2011.”

Ngoc Thu Tran Thi, Head of HR at Officience

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