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The TED community in Vietnam

A month ago we published an article on the TEDxMekong event that took place in Ho Chi Minh City. But how prevalent is TED in Vietnam?

TED in Vietnam – some numbers

– 2256 members on the site
– 515 TED Talks already subtitled in Vietnamese – of which 41 were done this month
– 1 recent event in Hanoi: TEDxYouth @Hanoi on the 14th August 2011
– 3 events already organised in Saigon:

The last event was organised by Quynh Tuong, economics student and active member of the TED community. Last August, a group of students in Ho Chi Minh City launched a blog that provides a new TED video every day, subtitled in Vietnamese with easily readable subtitles on a white background.

In short, the community is increasingly active!

Spreading the culture to Vietnam!

This week, Officience launched a project to translate TED videos into Vietnamese. The TED translators are normally volunteers but we plan to offer some payment to the first 10 volunteers to give them an incentive to subscribe and join the community. Above all we hope that this will help the spread of global culture in Vietnam.

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