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IT training in Asia

We’re taking a look at ‘Digital Gateways’ (‘Passerelles Numériques’ or PN), an organisation represented in Cambodia, the Philippines and in Vietnam!

Launched in 2006, PN aims to improve access to information and communication technology (ICT) for disadvantaged communities, mainly via education. It helps young people to find a skilled job in computing which means they can really fulfil their potential.

PN is supported by the Accenture foundation. Created in 1996 by Benoit Génuini while he was CEO of Accenture France, the foundation is dedicated to cultural sponsorship and supporting charitable projects in the areas of education and access to employment.

The success of the Cambodian project, launched in 2005, (446 students completed and 300 students in training) and in the Philippines in 2009 (45 students), led to the launch of Passerelles Numériques Vietnam (PNV) in 2010. A study into the needs of and opportunities for development in the ICT sector showed the country’s potential. Vietnam’s central region was chosen because 80% of the population live in rural areas, 60% are younger than 30 and 30% live below the poverty line. And although the region’s economic capital Da Nang is experiencing strong growth and boasts some quality educational establishments, it is difficult for these people to access the courses which lead to qualifications.

As part of the “2nd life for PCs” project, Officience has supported PNV by sending Thao, Officience’s IT specialist, as a volunteer to Da Nang. He helped students to reconfigure and install material on the PCs to help open new ICT studios in 2 colleges in the centre of Vietnam.

Students in Da Nang

Thao in the middle, with some PN students

What a pleasure to visit the centre of Da Nang last August: the students were still in training, but all the teaching staffs were already fully occupied with preparations for star of the school year.

Visit at the Da Nang centre last August

On September 27, PN invited his friends and sponsors at the exhibition ‘Chinese Artists in Paris’ at the Cernuschi museum, which tells the 20th century cultural exchanges between East and West.

Exhibition “Chinese Artists in Paris”




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