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Bitexco Vertical Run, a race to the top

The first ever Bitexco Vertical Run took place in Ho Chi Minh City on Sunday 30 October. The race brought together almost 500 runners who were committed to climbing the 1002 steps between them and the finish line.

Tales of a thousand and … two steps

The runners had to take on 49 of the 68 floors of the Bitexco Tower where the finish line was 178 metres high! A great reward was waiting at the top – the observation deck with panoramic views of the whole city.

The Bitexco Tower, which has just been named one of the 20 most iconic skyscrapers by CNNgo, is the right place for an event of this size. The race is part of the Vertical World Circuit (VWC), which organises ascents of the biggest buildings in the world such as the Empire State Building or the Swissotel in Singapore.

The challenge was met by German Thomas Dold in 4 minutes 20 seconds for the men and by Italian Valentina Belotti in 6 minutes 19 seconds for the women.

Officience at the top

Officience also took part in this event by putting forward two teams of 4 runners in the Corporate challenge. They came 7th and 13th (out of 27 teams) and they benefited greatly from the unconditional support of 30 fans who came to cheer them on. This ‘blue wave’ added even more atmosphere to this event which will hopefully be the first of many!

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