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Vietnam HR day 2011

Dieu Huyen NGO CAO, member of Officience HR team, went to the last Vietnam HR day, which was hold in HCM 10 days ago. Here are her impressions!

Vietnam HR Day is the largest annual human resources forum in Vietnam for entrepreneurs, business leaders, economic experts and HR specialists. Each year, around 2,000 people gather to attend the event, divided between 2 locations: Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. During the forum, they not only share their experiences of management and personnel administration, but also discover opportunities for collaboration and networking.

Following the success of the Vietnam HR Days in 2009 and 2010, the forum was held again in 2011; on 06/11/2011 in Hanoi and on 13/11/2011 in Ho Chi Minh City. This year the theme was “The quality of Human Resources in Vietnamese businesses”.

The current HR management situation

Following a welcome speech from Vietnam’s 2011 Chairman of Human Resources forum, the Director of the HR forum’s Organizational Board shared the results of a survey about the current HR management situation in Vietnam. Below are some interesting figures collected from 437 businesses across the country :

  • 70% of businesses have an independent HR Department whereas30% do not.
  • 43% of businesses invest in HR management and HR departments while 25% are considering the option but have not yet implemented it. 30.86% say that HR is just administration.
  • The average resignation rate is 15.7%. The figure is highest among the unskilled worker group at 23.36%, then skilled workers at 17.35% and managers at 12.4%.
  • The salary budget takes up 4.75% of revenue, which shows that companies have significant capacity to increase employee salaries.

In brief, Vietnam needs a strategy to improve the quality of HR; otherwise it will not be possible to maintain the average 20% annual salary increase for low quality resources. Furthermore, Vietnam should start to implement more employees training as a first step towards staff development and retention.

Hot topics in HR management

During the CEO exchange forum, leaders of some well-known companies shared their own experience in staff recruitment and training. They talked about how to adapt the resource needs when necessary and how to retain people. The CEO of “Pho 24” spoke about the lack of high level management in Vietnam as many people tend to open their own business.

8 forums were held in the afternoon. These offered the chance to discuss some of the hot topics in human resource management.

  • At the “psychology management in Human Resources” forum, we learnt how to find out more about someone’s personality using geometric tests. Understanding someone’s personality is key to finding the best way to communicate with them.
  • The “HR Business Partners” forum was about the different aspects of business and responsibilities that HR specialists need to deal with. HR can develop strategies to promote business development.

The Vietnam HR Day enabled us to discover more about the importance of the HR Department and its impact on company strategies. However, it’s worth remembering that staff development is not only up to HR, it’s also up to the business leaders.

Some snapshots of the day

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