Behind the scenes at the Telethon

The French Association against Myopathy (AFM) kicked off their 25th Telethon on Friday 2nd December. 30 hours of viewing was broadcast on the six French public TV channels in addition to many simulcasts, all to launch the biggest charity marathon in France. The aim: raising money to finance research into rare genetic diseases. This year donation pledges have reached 86 million euros, an increase of 2 million compared to 2010. Could this be down to the Gad Elmaleh effect?


Arriving in Plaine St-Denis on Saturday at 5 pm we were struck by the logistics of it all: a mass of presenters, sponsors and organisations, all scheduled down to the second. It was a very eclectic mix! Nagui rubbing shoulders with the researchers, firemen interviewed by Sophie Davant and Gad was quite simply fantastic in his role as host for the evening.

In terms of the show, French music stars such as Christophe Willem and Chimène Badi took turns to perform while being interrupted by the up and coming stars: Shy’m or Colonel Reyel (“Celui” (this one), “Dis-moi oui” (tell me yes), “Aurélie”). But the real star was 3637, the number to call to make a donation.


During the break we made a quick visit to where the Orange Labs team was taking care of the technical side: text message statistics, 3D visuals etc all perfectly in sync with the directors. They were also in charge of broadcasting “fireworks map”, a blank map of France combined with a particle system to show the volume of donations in the form of fireworks… An innovative solution for real time, regional updates.

Here in Ho Chi Minh City we were also following the prime time entertainment. Officience’s Content team were especially proud to watch their beautiful 3D creation… and proud of having made a modest contribution to the Telethon. We left the evening with stars in our eyes and the glow of a good cause in our hearts.


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