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Running again…this time in Angkor

Just over a month after the Bitexco Tower Race, Officience took part in the 2011 Angkor Half-Marathon on 4th December. Three of us represented the company in this charity race. Officience runs in 2011!

A race in a mythical place

For the last 16 years, runners from all over the world have been coming to take on the challenge of this race through different temples at the site which is almost 9 centuries old. More than 21 kilometres long, the course takes you past famous temples such as Ta Phrom, Bayon, and Angkor Thom for a stunning finale in front of the marvellous Angkor Wat.

In addition to the half-marathon, other races were also organised so there was something to satisfy each of the 5,200 participants. You could choose from a 10km challenge, another of 3km, a cycling race and also a half-marathon for people in wheel chairs.

A special race for more than one reason

The real benefit of this race lies in its charitable side. This event began as part of the fight against anti-personnel mines, still present in some areas of the country. There is no prize or payment for taking part, quite the opposite; the purpose is to raise money for charity. This has enabled more than $250,000 to be raised since it began in 1996, of which $14,500 were raised at this year’s event. Since 2007, donations have been made to the Japanese-Cambodian NGO ‘Hearts of Gold‘, which bases its projects around sporting events. In partnership with other associations such as the Cambodian Red Cross or Handicap International, the Angkor Wat half marathon is part of the Millenium Development Goals set out by the United Nations.

In recent years, support efforts for Cambodians have also focussed on preventing AIDS amongst young people in the region.. This race took place a few days after World AIDS day, on 1st December 2011.

Officience in the race

‘Team Officience’ was made up of 3 people and despite the different objectives of the race we were able to share the experience with many other runners. One of us even managed to finish as one of the top 150 people in the general category. The date is set for next year!







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