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Officience incubator – Who wants to sit there?

In 2011 Officience welcomed two young entrepreneurs to its incubator: Grégory Schlomoff for his BetterInbox project and Nathanaël Lamellière for Worketer. Why did they choose Vietnam and Officience?

Grégory: geographic arbitrage

Greg always wanted to create a start-up but was worried by the thought of investing all his savings and so much time in a project which risked failure.

However everything worked out when he decided to meet up with a friend in Vietnam – a country which then turned out to be the ideal place to launch a start-up:

  • Cost of living: rent, food, travel – everything is cheaper here than in Paris. Grégory worked out that over 5 months he would spend 2 to 2.5 times less money than in Paris which, with the same budget left him significantly more time to work on his project.
  • The happiness of living in a hot country, discovering new things every day andnew scenery every weekend.
  • Limited time in the country created a real deadline and led to the making of clear plans.
  • Chance encounters are more common and people are more open to supporting a project.
  • Being based in the tropics adds a nice dimension to the project and makes it stand out from the crowd.

3 months later, Greg was in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam’s economic capital. He has been in Officience’s incubator for 8 months and from there he has been able to launch his intelligent mail box project: BetterInbox.

Nathanaël: discovering an emergent market

The Worketer start-up was created in 2008 by Nathanaël and his brother Simon. Dedicated to bringing IT skills and employment opportunities together, the service works like a social web app with an approach inspired by social networks.

For Nathanaël, it was a matter of following the adventure to Vietnam for a few months, for very specific reasons.

  • To both discover the country with his French-Vietnamese girlfriend and gain international professional experience.
  • To benefit from a shared work space as he did in Paris at Lawomatic. It was there that Nathanaël heard about Officience and contacted Duc HA DUONG who replied enthusiastically and was delighted to welcome him to our offices in Saigon.
  • To get to know an emerging market: Nathanaël took part in a seminar on French IT know-how with Ubifrance which enabled him to showcase his services and meet many French and Vietnamese professionals. At Officience he was able to present his project to potential users and receive valuable advice and ideas.
  • To observe how Officience works, a start-up which has grown up: interesting when you’re a small start-up with 2 members of staff!

Want to join us?

Officience has just opened new locations and we would be delighted to welcome you to them. Everything will come together for your project to succeed.

Don’t wait any longer, contact us on: contact@officience.com

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  • Anonymous says:

    It’s called an incubator, so what is the relationship between Officience and the entrepreneurs?

  • Anonymous says:

    Anyways, sounds like Greg stayed in VN longer than he originally planned. I’d like to check out the incubator sometime.

    1. Hi @tomosaigon, ping me when you pay us a visit and I’ll be happy to show you around. The incubator is not only about the facilities, but the people you talk to when you take a break. For me, on such occasion, talking to Greg and Nat was always very refreshing!

      1. @ Hoang Anh: thanks for the “refreshing”! @ Tomosaigon, as Hoang Anh says, the experience of working at Officience’s incubator is not only about the facilities (even if this first point is very important: it’s far more challenging and stimulating to work here than in a Café or in the sofa at home!). As an entrepreneur here, you will have many opportunities to get input from each area of a software/web startup issues. Personnally I talked a lot with the developers about tech and software engineering issues, tools and methodology with the project managers, business and marketing data, tips and contacts with the business development and marketing team, even with the CEO. 

  • Officience Vn says:

    Hello, I saw that you are in Saigon, welcome to visit us anytime you would like. And we can discuss more on this subject. If possible, you can contact us by email: contact@officience.com or by phone: +84 (0)8 3844 7746.

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