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A new vision of BPO (1/3)

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The values of today’s outsourcing, according to Sylvain Pierre, Head of Process & Data BU at Officience’s.

Smartsourcing, a new way to outsource

“Over the past 10 years, companies have been using outsourcing mostly as a way to drive their costs down. We think that this approach is becoming obsolete. The new vision of outsourcing, smartsourcing, will become the standard, as a way to enhance transparency between customer and provider, and as a channel for shared value and innovation.

We think that companies should focus on their true core business and outsource all their non-core activities. Most of the time, these non-core activities are managed inefficiently and represent pain areas for our customers. By outsourcing them to us, they become our own core activities, and we can focus on transforming them into sources of added value and competitive advantage.

Methodology by Offy : value extraction

First of all, we focus on the mission given to us rather than on a step-by-step definition of the outsourced process. After a first phase of adoption, this mission-oriented approach lets us redesign customer’s process to enhance its performance.

Secondly, we can take advantage of our positioning to have a more holistic view of our customer’s activities, and we expect our customers to share with us their strategic objectives.

Finally, we integrate the latest IT trends into all of our innovations. Through technologies such as Sharepoint or the iPad for example, we can transform our customer’s processes by bringing automation and efficiency.”

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