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Outsourcing IT with Officience

How to work nowadays in offshore, according to  Hoang Anh Phan, Head of BU IT Development at Officience.

Capitalizing on potential

In Vietnam there are more than 64,000 people trained in IT. They are young, dynamic and have a hunger for learning. I have interviewed many candidates and they are all looking for a professional working environment. They want well-defined processes and tools which will enable them to succeed.

A necessary assimilation of the client’s issues

However, one of the most important things they learn at Officience is that to succeed in IT, particularly in the Offshore context, they need more than that. It’s not a lack of know-how that causes projects to fail but a lack of understanding of the client’s context and challenges.

At Officience we have developed working methods and a corporate culture designed to minimise this gap. This includes daily contact, weekly progress reports, frequent releases, continuous feedback, transparent communication and an open and entrepreneurial spirit.

Giving projects meaning

When we start working on a project, I don’t simply explain to what to do and how to my team, I take the time to tell them why. This means they are on-board with the long term vision and have a more global vision of our clients. When my teams understand the keys to our clients’ success, they are pro-active. Their work takes on meaning and higher quality deliverables are produced.

(*) http://www.francemondexpress.fr/IMG/pdf/reussir_vietnam.pdf

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