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Exploiting digital information, the manager’s challenge in 2012

How to take advantage of data profusion, according to  Eric Llouquet, Head of BU Content  at Officience.

Cloud computing & the digital age

The evolution of Information technology, particularly in the area of cloud computing, leads us to profoundly change the way in which we perceive and manage businesses. In 2012, managers are constantly connected to the cloud and are overwhelmed by the amount of information, of which they have to take advantage. Our world is becoming digital. Taking a look at the main actors in the sector is enough to convince us of this.

How to benefit from these evolutions?

Within this context of information overload, the future belongs to those who know how to make use of this profusion of data, those who are able to sort, organize and exploit digital information. How can we make the most of this major change? This question lies at the heart of our mission at Content. By generating, optimizing and organizing digital information, we help our clients to get the most out of their data and generate competitive advantages from them – determining factors for the success of their business.

A flexible structure

Solutions to this change are never the same. Each organization has their own challenges so we tailor our services to them: All is flexible: size of the team, from 1 pooled employee to more than 100 staffs with a dedicated team of managers.
With or without the development of IT tools, provided by our in-house IT team.Profiles in French or English, depending on client needs.

Just one thing stays the same: the environmental impact of our solutions is carefully measured and conformed to a sustainable development approach.

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