In the beginning, there were social networks

What is the first means of communication you think of when you want to start a project? Inevitably, it’s the website!

Many clients come to us with fixed ideas for their projects and an almost systematic quote request for a basic website. This medium has become a necessity in a world where digital is king and online sales are developing at high speed.

However, is it really the best strategy to follow when we know that there are many other free solutions available to help create buzz and test a product or service with an audience?

Using social networks such as Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook these days is essential and is a must for spreading ideas and creating a first circle of networkers who will later become your best marketers. Each business project should begin with a period where information is transmitted on the internet via these sites.

However, we often find that our clients naturally want to avoid sharing ideas and/or their company names too early ; partly out of fear of being copied and also because they want to create an ‘event’, these entrepreneurs are sure that hundreds, if not thousands of people will be present when the digital scissors cut the red ribbon at the opening of their site.

Being afraid that someone will steal your idea is an understandable and legitimate fear. However, generally you don’t risk much by talking about your project unless you have invented an extremely simple, revolutionary system for turning water into gold. The initial barriers are often too big when you want to start a company and that reduces to zero the desires of even the most kleptomaniac among us.

On the other hand, talking about your idea enables you to get initial feedback from the market, professionals
and friends – who are often not afraid of playing devil’s advocate. This feedback will help you to structure and consolidate your idea or allow you to see any flaws that you hadn’t noticed before.This is where professional or personal social networks come in. Creating a website, in itself, should only come after. Why create a basic site at a cost of 2,500 to 4000 euros when you can have a similar if not greater impact using free methods?

Many entrepreneurs ask consultants for quotes to create websites when they do not even have a web presence yet. Twitter or Facebook are not just optional for young companies but should be a requirement. It would be wrong to think that by launching several means of communication at the same time (internet site and social sites), the whole world will have been waiting impatiently for that moment.

In summary, start spreading information early on social networks and certain people will catch it and run with it. And these will be the same people who, later, when your website is launched, will pass your ideas on to their own networks. And you will have thus created your closely linked circle, the heart of your future clientele from which the major part of your first opportunities will spring from.

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