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VCL-France Business Club’s First IT networking event

Two weeks ago the first networking event organised by the IT and Business Commission of the Vietnam-Cambodia-Laos-France Business Club took place in Paris. Officience was there.  Here is a brief summary of this event which brought together more than 20 professionals from the world of IT, the web and the association which organised it.

Vietnam-Cambodia-Laos-France (VCL France) Business Club: the association

Networking IT du VCLF - cocktailVCL-France was originally a Viadeo group created in 2009 which aimed to facilitate economic and social exchange between France and the 3 francophone countries in South-East Asia: Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

Supported by more than 1000 members, the club evolved into an association at the start of 2012 and now organises an increasing number of meetings and seminars, in accordance with its mission as a multi-disciplinary and intergenerational platform.

An IT and Business Group as part of a Vietnam-Cambodia-Laos-France association? Not as surprising as you might think…

The IT and Business Commission is one of the first to be formed within the VCL-France association and considering the importance accorded to the ICT sector by South-East Asian countries, this is not surprising.Networking IT du VCL France - rencontres en face à face

Looking solely at Vietnam – the country I am most familiar with out of the 3, the research speaks for itself. AT Kearney ranked Vietnam as the 8th global destination for service outsourcing in 2011, while Tholons ranked Ho Chi Minh City as the 17th city in the world for outsourcing IT services in 2012. Vietnam aspires to become one of the 10 main destinations in this field by 2020 and McKinsey believes this country has the potential to do so.

An emerging community

This Tuesday, 10th July 2012 at 7pm on the dot, around 20 members of the business club gathered together on the invitation of the IT and Business Commission of the VCL-France association.

In the appropriately named bar ‘IT Place’, these IT and web professionals met to get to know each other better. The event used the 5 minutes of face-to-face time format for this first meeting to help all the attendees have a quality exchange with each other. This helped to start a real community of professionals hoping to develop exchange and business between France and the francophone countries in South-East Asia: Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

Officience is actively participating in developing this community which we hope will grow and strengthen in the coming months. This will happen both online via the association’s Viadeo and LinkedIn groups, as well as offline at new events scheduled for the autumn.

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Photos : Association VCL France

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