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Officience kick-starts its “Launch Your Career” (LYC) Program

Officience employees dedicate 10% of their time to professional training. As part of this effort, for the first time ever, we are now launching a workshop tour with an internship program entailed around the most renowned universities of Vietnam to help sharpening Vietnamese students’ perception of how they can proactively seek for a long-term successful career. Because we care.

From studies to the professional life: a very problematic transition for Vietnamese undergraduates

According to a research of USSH Ha Noi’s survey in July 2012, more than 20,000 undergraduates (accounting for 26.2% of the total undergrads number) failed to receive a job offer during their first 6 months after graduation. During this same period, the number of available executive positions just from the website www.Vietnamworks.com already bypassed the number of 18,000.

Despite the fact that they are in great need for more and more well-educated employees, Vietnamese enterprises, MNC or SME, refuse to recruit new undergrads. Why? From our own experience, this is rooted from the misconceptions of students about the actual career life and professional environment. Some lack the soft-skills required to adapt to it, some fail to self-prepare a focused, clear-cut career orientation. And most of them simply have never experienced working at all.

Results of a study carried out among 350 companies established in Hanoi and HCMC by the World Bank and the Central Institute of Management Studies

Therefore, students do need and still lack a chance to improve their competency in a real work environment where they can get challenged and through which they can improve their professionalism.

Officience contribution to this societal issue: the birth of LYC Program

Having half of the companies thinking that fresh undergrads are incompetent creates a big issue for the Vietnamese macro system. At Officience we thrive to position in a shared value perspective our interactions with the environment and ecosystem we live in. On top of that, we are in the service business and the quality and skills of Vietnamese human resources is key to our success.  Officience had to play an active role to bring a piece of solution to this issue.

Officience contribution to solving the problem is Launch your Career Program. LYC offers the students:

  • an Offy-talk at their university during which we share with them some ideas about starting a career professionally
  • an Officience Open Day in our premises to help them experience daily tasks via workshops
  • and especially for those sharing our corporate values, an internship to experience real-life working in BPO industry

First step towards awesomeness: LYC with UEL students

This November, Officience initiated its LYC campaign with the University of Economics and Laws (UEL), interacting with nearly 180 students during the Offy Talk and 18 students during the Open Day. This very important first step enabled us to introduce to UEL students a new vision on how to prepare for their career, and will give way to further interaction in the future.

The Officience LYC team with UEL students during the Officience Open Day

The journey is just beginning and the Officience LYC team still has a long way ahead to meet and share with a maximum of Vietnamese students our expertise in a deeper and better way.

Yes we care. And yes, we will share. If you are interested in the program, want to spread this idea, or want to be part of this training project, please contact Thanh An at launchyourcareer@officience.com.

Thanks to Thanh An for this great article.

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