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Vietnam Girl Geek Dinners: a new edition strengthening the development of Vietnamese women in IT

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Last December 20th (2012), plenty of girls and ladies who are interested in working in engineering as well as in technology had a chance to join the 2nd event of Vietnam Girl Geek Dinners, which was organized and sponsored by Officience Vietnam.

Girl Geek Dinners: From England spreading all over the world

The first “Girl Geek Dinners” community was founded in August 2005 in London as a result of one geek girl who wanted to change people’s opinion towards women in IT, which had been negative for too long. Since its creation, Girl Geek Dinners have spread to over 24 countries and there are now more than 67 communities established all over the world, like for instance Oxford Girl Geek Dinners (England), Strasbourg Girl Geek Dinners (France), etc., where most of the attendees are female.

Vietnam Girl Geek Dinners: the second edition

With the aim of bringing confidence to Vietnamese IT women in their professional but also personal life, being influenced by the aforementioned worldwide movement, on June 2012 people witnessed the birth of Vietnam Girl Geek Dinners. This first edition was a warm dinner organized at Tango Juice, in the center of Ho Chi Minh City, where 10 attendees shared with each other their ambition and experience in IT, made contacts,etc.

With the leadership of Hoang-Anh PHAN ( IT Department Director at Officience), geek girls from many companies and universities in Ho Chi Minh City collaborated to organize the 2nd event on December 20th 2012, which gathered more than 30 attendees in Officience Phu Nhuan District premises.

The program included 2 speeches: Work – Life Balance and Introduction to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and of course, a dinner.

Thanh Tam, Head of IT projects at Mekong Bank, was a speaker at both events. She brought to the audience new inspirations and ideas for life and work in the first one, and this time again she gave the ladies not only a larger view of the field that they’re studying or working in, but also more confidence regarding the career they chose.

Vietnam Girl Geek Dinners: newly established community but promising for a  bright future

Given the growth of the Technology and Engineering fields among Vietnamese women, with an organizing plan of 1 event per month and the skillful contribution of speakers and organizers, the Vietnam Girl Geek Dinners community could really grow fast becoming an ideal environment for all geek girls to feel confident in sharing their thoughts about IT, work, and life in general. And this is very important in times when people start to realize that more and more geek girls are needed  to contribute to the development of IT in Vietnam, but in the rest of the world as well.

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