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The Third Vietnam Girl Geek Dinner

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Within the technology sector, the number of female geeks is still very low”, admitted Mrs Tina Tran, the host of the third Vietnam Girl Geek Dinner.On Thursday 18th April 2013 the third Vietnam Girl Geek Dinner, which brought together 20 participants, was held at Officience for the second time.


Less talk, more action

After an introduction by Mrs Hoang-Anh, the Girl Geeks had the opportunity to get to know the host Tina Tran, a project leader from IT Dirox.

Unlike previous events, the presenters didn’t share their professional or personal experiences. They introduced the term “temenos” by using used games to help the participants understand what it meant and also toget inspiration for their work and their lives.


Vietnam Girl Geek Dinner #3: The “Temenos” workshop

With the title “Building Self-Confidence & Trust – Temenos workshop”,the event provided a forum for sharing advice and experience with the participants to help them change the trust that they place in the people around them and to lead them towards becoming a “temenos”.

In this context, temenos means “container” in Greek. The container can be likened to space, energy, interactions between people such as a marriage, a working group etc.

The temenos games encouraged the participants to have a more positive opinion of the temenos environment and taught them to be interested in and trust other people that they meet.

Via this workshop, the hosts hoped to be able to help the participants, who work in the new technologies sector, to be more confident of themselves and their skills, dare to try new things, be ready to overcome challenges and to fight to get what they want from life.

By taking part in this workshop, we learnt how to thank others for their help and to help them overcome their own problems. We also learnt how to make good use of past events. All these experiences, whether good or bad, are precious. Most importantly, this workshop enabled us to have more confidence in ourselves and to understand the importance of always being optimistic and pursuing our dreams.


If you would like to benefit from new and fulfilling experiences, or even share with the Girl Geeks, then don’t hesitate to join the Vietnam Girl Geek Dinners Group, events are organised once a month.

To follow us, visit our website:http://vietnam.girlgeekdinners.com/

Or our facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/GGDVietnam?hc_location=stream.

See you soon!

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