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More agile games

If there’s one thing that we keep from our childhood as we grow up, it’s that we learn better when we play. It is the reason why gamification is one of the most important trend. It is also why we like to play game to illustrate agile and lean principles.

Last year, our team already played a few games: the tangled mess and back-to-back lego.

In this ball point game, our team learns about the “flow”: how to feel it, and then improve it, how to reach a sustainable rhythm and also why eliminate waste.

Water Bottle Game – a lean game to understand the “flow”

Thanks to Agile Vietnam, some of us also had the chance to learn more about lean concepts at the Lean Mindset Workshop, presented by Mary and Tom Poppendieck.

Since then, lean concepts are spreading through the company with lean coffees. A trend which I hope will continue to spread!

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