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Agile remote coaching

In one of my previous post, I mentioned about how we raised agile awareness with various games (self-organised team, lean “flow”, etc..)

 As a next step, one of our project team started an agile coaching. This coaching is done remotely by a Thang, a professional agile trainer, who is based in the US. Thang is passionate about Agile and Vietnam, and therefore offered to help the Agile Vietnam community.

The team went through this coaching despite the 3 timezones it involved: France (+1 GMT), Vietnam (+7 GMT), US West Coast (-7 GMT). Linh (Scrum master), Khiet and Phuong (team members) share with us their feedback after 4 months of coaching.

1. What is the idea of the remote coaching?

Ai Phuong – “Learning a new active way of working, to improve both individual and team effectiveness, by tightening relationship in the team and task synchronization”

Minh Khiet – “Learning about the Scrum process and Agile to gain more experience and know how to improve the way we work”

Duc Linh – “A coaching in both languages, English and Vietnamese, covering scrum team organization, roles and responsibilities, especially for the Product Owner and Scrum Master roles. Also an opportunity to raise any question to better understand User Stories/Backlog, sprint timeline and agile estimation”

2. How did you organize the coaching?

Ai Phuong- “We agreed on a clear schedule to ensure that everyone could attend ALL the sessions.”

Minh Khiet – “We used Skype, phone, teamviewer. At the beginning we gathered our team in a same place to have a good communication and to share our ideas and knowledge.”

Duc Linh – “We had the 7 first sessions on user stories grooming every day for 5 days with only the PO, BA and scrum master and team members. We used Skype, Teamviewer to share screen. And we also had an IP phone in case of network failure.”

3. What did you learn?

Ai Phuong – “I learnt about Agile methodology, customer service and commitment”

Minh Khiet – “I learnt how to plan and estimate my task, but also the importance of commitment.The better the product we deliver, the more trust we gain from the customer. In my opinion, Scrum is just a tool, a framework which serves to enhance our project, our work. The key is our conscience, our willingness to change, to adapt a new working process to be more agile, flexible and to bring more values when facing the changing request from the client.”

Duc Linh – “I now understand the important roles of P.O, Scrum Master, Team Member and how to organize a team. The development team learnt to play “Poker” to estimate story point’s for each user story. This is a fair game, fun and useful!

I also learnt the Scrum master’s tasks:

  • Meeting & team management
  • Facilitate daily meeting for the team (prepare/moderate/follow-up)
  • Coaching Devs + Help the team make decisions
  • Moderate if there are conflicts
  • Product &  big picture
  • Help write/split user stories
  • Help adapt product visions
  • Order priority backlogs base on Customer Values
  • Help release planning
  • Remind team to update JIRA (or any agile tools)
  • Report team’s issues
  • Help Devs to improve + keep focus”

4. Would you recommend it to other teams? And why?

Ai Phuong – “YES, to spread its benefits, build agile network – I want to do it.”

Minh Khiet – “YES, absolutely, I will encourage and recommend to the other teams to participate in this course because it is very useful.”

Duc Linh – “YES. With Agile, the team is self-managed. This is a teamwork effort that empowers the team!”

5. Any word for anh Thang, your agile coach?

Ai Phuong – “It’s really useful for us.Thanks for your patience.”

Minh Khiet – “Thanks for teaching and sharing with us about the Scrum process and the working experience also. I hope that we can keep in touch because I still have a lot of questions for you about Agile and the working experience.”

Duc Linh – “Anh Thang is very helpful, good coaching and friendly. He stays late at night to adapt with our schedule. We are very grateful for his coaching because he answered all our questions clearly and manage to give 3 other coaching sessions again in Vietnamese as we suggest with him. I will always remember this great moment when he taught us the planning poker”

Again, a very big THANK YOU to anh Thang! We hope to welcome you back again soon in Vietnam for holidays and more agile conversations!

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