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Review of the 2013 Officience Photo Contest. Theme: protecting the environment

Every year, Officience’s marketing department organises an internal photography competition. In 2013 the contest was organised jointly with the Officience Green Team aiming to promote a spirit of environmental protection at Officience in a totally new way. Let’s take a look back at this event which took place at our offices during May.

Photo Contest: a chance to talk about the environment throughout the month of May

The Photo Contest lasted 3 weeks, from 2nd to 27th May and candidates could compete in one of three categories:  ‘Vietnam and climate change’, ‘Offy is Green’ and ‘Beautiful Saigon’.

On 17th May, the Green Team invited Mr Green to visit all the Officience Vietnam departments. Mr Green is a secret character who wanted to meet Officience staff and talk to them about his dream for the environment in addition to encouraging them to show their love by submitting photos illustrating the situation.

The Green Team organised the prize giving ceremony for the 2013 Photo Contest to take place on the ‘Offline Thursday’ in May. Such events happen on the last Thursday of each month at Officience Vietnam and aim to bring Officience employees closer together.

An ‘Offie’ taking a photo with Mr Green

Competing works: contradictions on a common theme

In the “Vietnam and climate change” category, the best photos came from Valentin Digonnaux and Thanh Tam Tran who demonstrated contradictory points of view of not only the scenery but also the impact of climate change on Vietnamese countryside. While Valentin’s photo taken at Pu Luong nature reserve shows a lush, green area in North Vietnam, Thanh Tam’s photo portrays the desertification caused by the negative effects of climate change in an area of Phan Thiet in South Vietnam.

For the theme “Beautiful Saigon”, we received two contrasting images of Ho Chi Minh City, showing Saigon past and present. These images resonate with people who live here and demonstrate the attachment we have to a city that has experienced highs and lows over the years, as well as two resistance movements that saved the country from colonialism and imperialism.

Finally, for the first prize in the “Offy is green” category, the jury selected a photo portraying a row of plants lined up on an office windowsill. The photo expresses a desire to make the workplace greener and to instil a love of nature and ecological awareness among us all, not only at work but also in our daily life.

Small actions, big impact

Mr Duc Ha Duong – Officience CEO expressed the point of view: “The Earth is Not Ours, We Merely Borrow it From Our Children”.

No matter what you do, it will have an impact on future generations. And whether you worry about it or not, whatever happens your children will have to deal with the consequences of your choices today. Will they be happy in a healthy environment which their parents and grandparents tried to improve and rebuild? Or will they continue to destroy the ecology in the multitude of ways that we have left behind? These are the questions that the Officience Green Team want to ask the world, not just to Offies but also to others who are aware of their responsibility to the planet and our children.

This small “Photo Contest” is just the beginning, with even larger events to come from the Officience Green Team. With the hope of attracting more like-minded people, we invite you to join us on our journey to protect our planet. Although we can’t solve all the earth’s problems with one small action, together, step by step we can make it healthier, in a long-lasting way.


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