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Phu An bamboo village: Officience is taking steps towards environmental protection

After the successful Photo Contest, the Officience Green Team had the opportunity to plant bamboo in Phu An village in Binh Duong, on Sunday 30th June. The Green Day 2 operation was a great success thanks to the team led by Mrs Diep Thi My Hanh, who was joined by a group of more than 30 Offies and their friends.

Introducing Phu An Bamboo Village

Located in Binh Duong province, 35km north of the centre of Ho Chi Minh City, the Phu An Bamboo Village is a research centre which focuses on biodiversity conservation, sustainable development and environmental protection using bamboo.

The rainy season is the best time to grow bamboo so to make the most of this time of year, Mrs My Hanh organised a planting session for her team of ten people. The event also caught the attention of some Offies who wanted to participate.

A new experience for green lovers

When we arrived in this bamboo region of bamboo, we were stunned and amazed by the landscapes before our eyes. This region had been known as the ‘Iron Triangle’ by the American Army during the Vietnam War. However, thanks to Doctor My Hanh and her students, the area is starting to change and is slowly transforming into a ‘Green Triangle’ instead, fulfilling the vision they’ve had since the launch of the programme.

We arrived at 10am and the heat was intense but we were able to take in the beauty of the countryside in the area despite some hard-going terrain to cross.

Although we worked hard for two hours, just a few bamboo plants were planted (around 7). Under the blazing midday sun, we had to battle against the mud and even moving the bamboo plants was a difficult task. By the end of the day, our struggles helped us to understand the strength and courage that Mrs My Hanh and her co-workers demonstrate through their work here.

We used a bamboo raft to transport the bamboo from one side of the water to the other.

When the bamboo arrived on the other bank, it was planted with the help of the Phu An Village team. From time to time, a lady made return trips between the two banks on the raft to count the bamboo plants, the vertical supports and check that the bamboos were correctly planted. Throughout the day everyone worked together with a great sense of team spirit.

Phu An Bamboo village and Officience Crunch: a new vision for sustainable development.

For Mrs My Hanh, the bamboo village project aims not only to raise awareness among the population about environmental protection but also to create a specialism for farmers in Phu An village, that of bamboo.

By participating in the bamboo planting project, Crunch, directed by Mr Eric Llouquet, wants to give clients a new perspective on sustainable development and bamboo. Bamboo has remarkable capacity with regard to wastewater treatment, reducing soil pollution, absorbing large quantities of CO2 and protecting against soil erosion.

After putting their initial nervousness to one side, the Officience volunteers had learned several lessons by the end of the day about solidarity, the importance of team work to overcome difficulties and caring for the environment. All this will encourage them to come back to see how their bamboo plants develop.

Would you like to relive the event as if you were there? The Green Day 2 film is now showing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-VMAQ9lZPQ 

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