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Why Vietnam is a land of opportunity

Vietnam in 2013 is no longer the rural territory, only covered with rice fields and jungles, that Occident still imagines in its representation of Orient. Indeed, it embodies a new growing destinations in South East Asia, which has both the ambition and the means to become one of the top locations in the world for offshore services.


Vietnam enjoys a strong political stability, a young and entrepreneurial society, good relations with its neighbors and a desire for economic openness. Thanks to these assets, Vietnam’s GDP has grown by 7% a year since the 90’s, and nowadays is stabilizing at around 5%

Government has pursued the openness policy that started in 1986 and thus has contributed to make Vietnam a prime destination for foreign direct investments. The accession to the WTO (World Trade Organization) in 2006 marked a watershed, by increasing the attractiveness of the country. Since this date, trade figures have raised significantly, with an increase of exportations by 20% a year.

To measure and analyse the growing opportunities of Vietnamese economy, we strove to gather multiple information allowing us to provide a genuine portrait of Vietnam nowadays. Investigation.


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