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Creating Shared Value

At Officience, we started a game (kloutwars) to spread the causes that drive us as an organization. Each value has a mascot and I am here to tell you more about “Creating Shared Value”. So what does it mean exactly?

“The central premise behind creating shared value is that the competitiveness of a company and the health of the communities around it are mutually dependent. Recognizing and capitalizing on these connections between societal and economic progress has the power to unleash the next wave of global growth and to redefine capitalism.” (source: wikipedia)

So how does it work for an outsourcing company like Officience? What is our social value proposition that gives us a competitive advantage? And how does it contribute to Officience’s success?

Today there are 3 identified ways to create shared value:

1. Create new markets by addressing unmet needs that have social impact

2. Enable local development by improving the external framework that supports production

3. Redefine productivity in the value chain to reduce both costs and promote social positive impact

At Officience, we don’t manufacture products, we deliver services to our customers. Our main assets are our people. The shared value that we create is therefore people-centric.

Addressing unmet needs that have social impact

As a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) provider, we provide services that are unlikely to exist in richer countries. This is of course a business opportunity for us. By providing these services, we create business value to our customers and we create new jobs in Vietnam. These jobs may not sound very exciting at first sight, but for young people in a developing country like Vietnam, they are a first step on the value creation chain, a first step in entering a global competitive work market, in a “flat world”. We create affordable jobs, then work with our people to “climb” the value creation chain.

Enable local development

We create shared value by strengthening our suppliers. They are schools, universities, and even, other companies that compete with us.

We do these through several actions:

– Launch Your Career: we run a series of training and workshops at various universities, giving out career tips and practical experience.

– Local communities events: we run, sponsor and take part in local events that allow experience and knowledge sharing e.g. Girl Geek Dinner, Agile Vietnam, SharePoint Saturday, etc.

– Opensourcing of our trainings: we want to give away our internal training material so that it doesn’t only benefit to our staff but to all who may benefit from it

Redefine productivity in the value chain

As a service company, what we basically provide to our customer is manpower. However we don’t improve our productivity by only looking at reducing the time spent on completing a given task. We boost our productivity by preparing our people for the future.

Our management style encourages autonomy, innovation and meaning.  We set out individual development plan as well as business objectives, so that our people can gain the right set of skills for whatever they want to do next in their life. This year, we take our team on a 2 days seminar where they will learn how to crowdfund their own projects. By doing so, we contribute to the society by training people to think by themselves, ready to try out new ideas and make social impact.

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