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Google+ is the new mailbox

We have been using Google+ as a corporate social network at Officience over the past 2 years, and I must say it has been an awesome experience.

Now, don’t discard Google+ as just another social network. We believe that your new mailbox IS on Google+. A “ping” on G+ is the new mail. For us, “I am not checking Google+” is the same as saying “I did not read my mail today”.

Mailboxes will still be around for a long time. Most of our customers are not ready for that transition just yet. And we’re also not fully ready to discuss some issues on G+.

But as of today, before sending a mail with the whole world in copy, we stop and think: “Could I put this on G+ instead?”.


So why is sharing on Google+ better than a plain mail?

1 – Transparency. We now have an extremely powerful tool to better implement one of our core value, Open & Sincere. Information is not limited to a group of happy few anymore. Transparency is a critical step towards more individual autonomy, and less “power games”.

2 – By definition mails are private. A discussion between two – sometimes more, unfortunately – people. And we will forget about this mail as soon as someone leaves the company. However, what we share on G+ will stay there. Forever.

3 – Have you ever wondered when reading the mail “Why am I in copy of this…?”. This problem is over with G+. The mail that you won’t read anyway will not pollute your inbox. But you still have a chance to stay informed. Posts are out there, whoever feels interested can read and react, and the author is not the judge of whom to cc anymore.

4 – The social aspect of G+ is extremely rewarding. You know when people read your posts (they +1 it), and absolutely anyone in the company can see them. Someone else thinks your post is worth spreading? It will be reshared.

5 – You can ignore mails, but you cannot hide yourself on social network. Positive social pressure is a true driver, and everyone will notice when you answer (or not) a ping. No more hiding. You have to be there.

Google+ in practice

In practice, we still experience some relunctance: Posting an achievement is still sometimes perceived as a way to “show off” rather than sharing information. And the “social network” tag doesn’t help in making Google+ accepted as a working & communication tool.

As of today though, we estimate to have achieved an active users rate of about 20%, while passive users (read and +1 only) rate reaches 80%.

Tips & Tricks

Not convinced yet? Try the following tips to enhance your Google+ experience:

– Really critical, disable “What’s Hot”. This is pure pollution.

– Afraid of missing a post? Enable notifications when someone pings you!

– Same idea, but the other way around: ping people whom you think should be aware of a post.

– +1, comment, react, share your opinion. Worst case: nobody reads you.

– In case it wasn’t clear enough : IT IS NOW YOUR MAILBOX. Check it as often as you check your mailbox. Maybe even more.

@SaigonSyle to talk about this and more!

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