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Offsharing in Vietnam

offshore [ˈɒfʃɔː] (verb): Move some of a company’s processes or services overseas.

share [ʃɛː] (verb): Give a portion of something to others.

Over the past 2 years, we have strongly evolved in the way we express what we believe in. Through discussions with friends, customers, colleagues and fans, we have matured what has now become a bond for all of us, inside and outside of the company: our causes. Using “express” here is not random. I believe these causes were more or less within each of us already, and we just needed to put words on them.

Now, we were left with just one issue: we did not feel like “Officience – Your back-office in Vietnam” anymore.

Vietnam is our founding reason, and has always been in our DNA, literally speaking. We believe in Vietnam’s potential, and we want to spread its assets across the world. That is why we cannot imagine our tagline without “Vietnam”. We then had 4 causes to unify under one meaningful word. And these causes, though very diverse in nature, do have one thing in common: sharing. Be it the knowledge that we share to hundreds of students every year, the social projects that we join, or our carbon neutrality objective, we fully embrace our role in tomorrow’s society.

Mixing in our “what”, offshore outsourcing, we are not just a back-office anymore.

We are doing Offsharing in Vietnam. Join our causes.

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    I laught so hard !!!

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