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PHP Technical Leader missing!

We have lost our PHP Technical Leader! He was last seen in Saigon a few days ago, but now we cannot reach him anymore. He was really an amazing person and an incredible colleague, we all miss him today. Can you help us find him?


He has very distinctive features, you can recognize him easily:

His experience in architecture patterns and best practices, his skills in PHP and OOP and his knowledge of common web-base application and web technology concepts (CMS, Portal, SEO, Social Network…) made him very valuable when recruiting him.
Open-source solutions, database e.g MySQL and Oracle, had no secrets for him.

He was like a hero to us!

When he arrived in Officience, he revolutionized our working habits. He led a team of 3 to 5 PHP developers, working closely with the Project Manager. He dealt successfully with all of our technical challenges, performance improvement and REST API. He changed the face of solving collaboration issues, working closely with QC Team for functional and load testing.
He was a great leader, not only a multi-tasking man who knew how to think creatively, strategically and tactically but also a very open-minded person who did his best to create and enjoy nice moments with the team.

We are desperately looking for him. Can you help us? Could you be our dream PHP Technical Leader?
If you see him, please contact us!


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