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[2nd interview] When Offies come to Agile Tour 2014. Theme: Ai Phuong sharing her experience

Having 3 years experience in contributing to build IT Solutions, with knowledge in Customer Service, SharePoint application development and Agile Scrum methodology, Ai Phuong is now working at Officience as Functional Analyst.


Ai Phuong on the leftmost, taking picture with her team

Hello Phuong, could you give us your feeling about some sessions you attended ? What did you learn from those sessions ?

Among the sessions I attended, there’s “Product clarification?”. This topic was presented by Sebastian Sussmann. (The summary video:http://goo.gl/ptqApy ).

From the Sebastian’s sharing, I learnt the way to do branding by using the knowledge of Agile and Lean: from conceiving an idea, then define the vision and targets. We played a game, which was: defining a product, and then giving a vision board of that product. In which:

To whom does the product bring profits ? Which are the obstacles from the competitors ?

At the end, we defined the figures regarding that product to resolve them and discussed the Marketing strategy by using Lean & Kanban.

Why did you participate to Agile Tour 2014?

I participated to Agile Tour for the first time in 2012. the reason was because Agile was being applied in my work environment at that moment, then I participated to it for further knowledge on Agile (since I didn’t know much about it).

Little by little, I found its useful, so I wanted to improve my capacity as well as my knowledge in Agile. I joined the event this year because I want to have a clear assessment on how agile works in the different companies, and to learn for more experience from the speakers…Besides, I wanted to have an overview on Agile, how it could be applied in other sectors than IT, so that in the future I could apply Agile methodology in every fields, everywhere.

Why would you recommend this event ?

For an IT people, participating in the sessions in this event will give them a chance to review themselves at work. Besides, for those who don’t know about Agile, these sessions could give them many new knowledge, that could help them much in resolving problems.

That’s why I recommend it !

Could you give an example ?

Normally when we have backlog, people usually try to solve the tasks as much as possible, this way of working maybe not effective.

In return, in Agile methodology, to resolve this problem, we will need to sort them out, then define the objective of the work, make the priority order. And so on, the backlogs will be resolved radically.

For the last question, how do you compare the event this year with those of the previous years ?

In general, in comparison with those of previous years, the visitors were provided a lot more diversity in the program and many useful documents to help them take the most of The Agile Tour. We were well informed about registry, agenda, content & speaker. .. In addition, the number of topics as well as sessions increased, topics about non-IT Agile practices (marketing related, general management) increased, so on the content of the program seemed more abundant. However, on one hand some topics were too general which weren’t very relevant, on the other hand some were too specific, that we couldn’t apply extensively. It was such a nice event though !

Thanks Ai Phuong !

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