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Officience Vietnam launching Aperoffy Saigon. Objective: Knowledge Sharing counted for precedence

Aperoffy has been organized for 2 years as a monthly event in our headquarter in Paris, France. In Vietnam, we’ve launched the same one named “Aperoffy Saigon”. Here, our organizing team includes 4 members; those who are enthusiast, looking forward to doing a significant contribution: Bao Chau, Khac Khanh, Dieu Uyen and Phuong Thao.

What is Aperoffy ?

Definition: “Apero” means “aperitif” in French (apéro), Offy as the abbreviation of Officience.

Aperoffy is a small meetup between passionate people on various topics, organized at Officience, habitually once a month in France and twice in Vietnam, by the members of Officience.


          Mr. Huong Tra Tran sharing his interests in “Aperoffy Tết 2014” (Paris, France)

An Aperoffy is usually organized with 2 parts:

  • a 20 minutes presentation of a speaker coming to share  his/her knowledge & experience;
  • networking time for all attendees to share their ideas and opinions on the topic.

[Aperoffy Saigon] Teambuilding 2.0

On November 4th 2014, a second Aperoffy Saigon was held with the topic of “Teambuilding 2.0”,. There were 25 attendees including Offies, Offy friends, and ex-Offies.

Traditionally, games in team building 1.0 events are organized as a platform with teams and managers, in which the manager plays a role as a coordinator who gives instructions to their teams and assigns the tasks to each member to finish those games.

Having been applied in VIVO 2014 (our yearly team building on September/October), teambuilding 2.0 was the new version with no manager, the teams planned themselves, collaborated and worked together.


At the event, the speaker was Bao Chau, member of Aperoffy’s organizing team who has had a beautiful contribution to the VIVO Games 2014, with 14 games designed by her and the teammates. To know more what we did in VIVO 2014, feel free to click:  http://goo.gl/KXCfyE

The knowledge sharing counted for precedence

Having been being launched for 5 times in Vietnam, our speakers are: the entrepreneurs, the experts on various fields who are willing to share their interests, their experience and expertises. Their speeches and sharings bring a support towards to our corporate causes (view more on http://officience.com/):

Developing Vietnam

Positive Globalization

Creating Shared Value


Open Knowledge

In the future, we hope having more and more interesting topics and more inspirational persons who put enthusiasm through their speeches to the audiences. We share because we care, and Aperoffy creates an ideal environment for enthusiast people who want to spread this great care.

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