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Taking challenges, falling, and getting matured. That’s youth!

“You should define your Job Description yourself. You are the only one the most understanding where you are and where do you want to go. And you are responsible for what you are doing.”

Coming into a new place, a new environment really pushed me out of my comfort zone. This means a lot a a 21-year-old girl like me. 21 years old, I’m young, I’m fresh, and I’m dynamic. I love taking challenge, embracing changes, and being different. I’m seeking for a place where I can do them all. And luckily, I met her, I met him, those people gave me a chance to access into Offy, a place that surprised me many times.
Surprise 1:
Me: “I’m more than ready for this internship! So what is my job, sis?”

Chị Quỳnh Hương: “Your first task is to write a JD for yourself.”

Me: Feeling shocked and surprised. It’s the first time in my 21-year life I’ve heard about this kind of “weird” task.
Then, she smiles, and continues: “This is the internship that you are looking for. You are the only one the most understanding where you are and where do you want to go. You know your strength and what you want to learn from this internship, so being responsible for what you are doing totally makes sense, isn’t it?”

Surprise 2:

The first day of my internship, on Tuesday, I energetically met my colleagues and an intern like me, a French sweet girl, Maeva. I thought: “It’s so great! I will learn from these people, and will discuss with Maeva to keep me updated with the job!”

…One hour later…

Maeva: “I will stop my work this Friday to come back to France. Therefore, I will transit all of my work for you and help you catch them up in the next 4 days. After that, you can continue our mission. J “

Me: the second shock and surprise. 4 DAYS! 4 days to cope with and take responsibility for ALL of the works that I have ever had? You must be kidding, dearie!!! (*_*)

Surprise 3:

The second day, on Wednesday, I have a conference call from sis.Quynh Huong who was in a business trip in France.

She: “There is a Doctor who is French Vietkieu would love to share a topic about “Early childhood education” in Vietnam. You will help me to make this happen by an event. The suitable time should be on Tuesday next week. We should manage a scale of 20-30 people. Feel free to ask anh Thang to support you, em. :) “

Me: You must be kidding, sis?!? I have 5 days to prepare ALL for an 20-30 scaled event?!!! Ahhaaa. Today is such a beautiful day!!! (*_*)

At those time, Many complex feelings and thinking running through my head. But every “hurt” has gone, the only one thought left in my mind: the sire.

The desire to DO, to LEARN, and to CHALLENGE myself.

I know I CAN DO EVERYTHING I WANT TO!!! And I choose this place to start my first step. Despite of good and bad points, this environment is truly a place I am looking for. My 21 will be here, with these nice people.

I believe that youth is journeys of finding self and passionate path. And these journeys will be meaningless if everything is right in its order. Taking challenges, falling, and getting matured are the way I choose to walk my own path. “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” is always the quote that I love the most.

At 21, my youth is brilliant!


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