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[Interview Sharing: Experience] – Having an offshore dedicated team

A dedicated team, what does that mean? And why in Vietnam ?

First of all, what’s a dedicated team in Officience ? For what purpose ?

Franck et la team

A team is said to be “dedicated” when the customer autonomously manages external human resources from another company who provides the HR services in order to satisfy his own needs. In other words, this particular organization -which is a service contract-  enables customer to have access to new skills in new fields for a given period.  However, client has to pay in men/month contrary to “classic” project management, in which, usually, he pays in men/days. Therefore, he also has to define the monthly missions of each dedicated team member,.

Then, the experts working at Officience can make their skills available for another company in order to carry out a project. Under this organization, the client supervises the Officience team (i.e. his dedicated team) in accordance with his own rules, as he would do with his own team. Size of the team and its composition depend on the client’s requirement in terms of skills, as well as the project length is adapted to his needs : we offer a custom-fitted service.


Alexandre Sompheng, Operations Director at ekino*, agreed to testify about “ekinoffy”, the dedicated team partnership binding ekino and Officience since July 2013.

–         Why did you choose to work with Officience ?

After comparing a dozen of suppliers about many criteria,  we finally chose Officience – the French management company located in HCMC. The offices, the outsourcing knowledge and the transparency in their speech have been decisive factors.

We wanted to build a team from scratch, supervised by ekino, that’s why we did not take into account the technical abilities as  essential requirement.

 –         What are the benefits for ekino ?

Since ekino is not familiar with Vietnam, it was necessary for us to find a partner who had locally been implanted already in order to start as soon as possible. Moreover, logistics had formerly been managed and above all Officience handled recruitment and administrative tasks.

 –         What was decisive in your choice of Vietnam?

The first things we consider is, of course, the labor costs or a country where expense for a skillful staff is lower than Europe. However, it is not the only criterion. Ekino need to find a country in which the education level is high and academic infrastructure is qualified. We also want to have an easy access to talent pools. That’s the reason why we have chosen Vietnam. It has been becoming an accessible country with improved infrastructure and many high-recognized universities and skills have not been captured by enormous service companies.

–         How did you choose the team members of “ekinoffy” ?

Talents were selected by Officience and validated by our teams in France. Importantly, ekino evaluated skills and potential of each team member in order to guarantee the same level of service that we provide in France.

Minh Kim

–         What are the advantages of a dedicated team in Vietnam ?

Working within a dedicated team enables a quick implementation while we also capitalise on our team members. ekino is bing valued by its customers for the quality and the rapidity of its services. With Officience, we could initiate our own culture, methods and process to keep pace with our principles.

–         What are the risks of such a team organization ?

From an operational viewpoint, a dedicated team must be end-to-end designed from the very start of the project. This vision should be shared by both the supplier and the client. Finally, if a team is expected to be transferred to client, it is the most important point to formalize in a contract, so the sooner the better.

Alexandre 3 tips for successful dedicated team projects

  • Do not hesitate to expatriate your team leader abroad and ensure a support with your technical leaders if you want your know-how and culture to be well assimilated.

  • Communication between your team and your dedicated team is a key success factor, you should invest on it! Here is a quick tip : Apart from standard communication tools (Hangout, Skype, Flowdock…), that a classic phone with a French number works well turns out to be useful.

  • Like many projects, the success of an offshore dedicated team in Vietnam is strongly linked with your internal teams’ willingness to collaborate. You should have your managers support if you want your request to be accepted. Thus, to convince the most reluctant people, prove you can do better by being rigorous about execution, completion and quality of deliverables.

*With 10 years experience, ekino helps companies to deploy their digital transformation plan. Ekino builds innovative solutions from the ground up with open technologies.

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