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[Offy job/Testimony] – Testing teams, what do you do ?

As an IT company, Officience aims at designing and implementing tailor-made outsourcing solutions to fit customers’ needs and better satisfy them.  Therefore, it is very important for us to offer the best testing services to improve the quality, reliability and performance of our customers’ IT systems.

Our testing team members are included into the team projects. In accordance with agile management principles, the project is divided into different phases (called sprints), one of these phases is the testing part. For this, testers have to check if the product complies with the technical and functional specifications the customer required.

Phuong NGUYEN Thi, 23-year-old, is currently working as a Junior Tester for Officience. As a junior, she wanted to share her experience and point of view about her job.

Thi Phuong

“I graduated from Post and telecommunication institute of technology in 2013 and I joined Officience nearly two years ago as a Junior Tester. Currently, I am dedicated to two web application projects for which I have to ensure the first-class level of customer support. For each project, it is the same path to follow in order to answer client’s requests. When we receive a requirement from the customer, we organize a team huddle to talk about tasks in “sprint” and define them well. Then, I start to estimate the time needed for each part and I also have to design the test cases (define what are the inputs and expected outputs). Finally, I test the products functions, manually or with automation. If any functional issues noticed, I report to our IT developers team to ask them to fix bugs .

What I enjoy most is that, depending on the project, my job is always different. Plus, working in Officience is a real chance for me to improve my technical skills and also my English level -because I have to speak english with my French coworkers-. I also like to work here because I can talk with many people and learn experience from them. Because I think that to be a good tester, much more than technical and writing skills, you need strong communication skills to be successful. And in Offy, it’s easy to meet people and share with them. “

In Officience, we also have what we called a “dedicated team”.  For the specific organization, a testing team is also totally devoted to customer’s request.

Anh Dao HOANG Thi, Quality Controls (QC) leader for the ekino dedicated team, accepted to answer some questions about her day-to-day job.


* Can you explain briefly how is the testing team organized?

We are a dedicated team for ekino. Begin with 3, now we grows up to 7 members and currently we are handling 4 different projects. When the customer wants to verify the functionality of a new feature or a new product, he ask us to initiate the planning for testings. Concretely, he wants what can be tested and how long it will take. To answer his request, I have to estimate how many man-days the project requires and which team member can go for it. Then test plan need to be verified by client and may be adjusted to meet their needs. When it’s approved, we start the execution and I am in charge of sending him the daily or weekly report. Concerning the testing part, it is either manual (verified by tester) or automated (the automation script is designed by a member of the team)

* What kind of skills do you need in your job ?

– Leadership to manage the project activities and motivate the team members.

– Reporting skills because you have to collect the key information and build good reports.

– Technical skills :as QC leader,  you will support your team members in case of technical issues.

– Communication skills since you handle clients’ request and team members.

* To finish, would you say you enjoy your job?

Personally, I like my job because it requires a balance between two differents competencies :  technical skills and management. Both have different challenges that’s why I am never bored.

You enjoyed this article? Much more, you could picture yourself as a tester? You know what? We currently have vacant positions as junior and senior tester. To apply, click here : http://jobs.officience.com

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