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Moving on with Japan! [Japanese version following]

After a few months of efforts, we finally delivered our first two projects with Japanese partners!

So how did it go? Pretty well, actually.

Habataku was looking for quick support to develop a demo site and showcase their “study abroad” platform at a pitch competition (Gakken Accelerator Program). From the very beginning it was an exciting project, due to the very tight time constraint and the fact that it was a way for us to support access to higher education abroad for Vietnamese students. We managed to deliver a full working demo in less than two weeks,including a graphic design part.

More than the deliverable itself, there are two things we are really delighted about for this project:

– First of all, we managed to work in a fully agile way, with daily discussions to quickly iterate and come to a final usable demo for Habataku’s pitch day. Communication was really smooth throughout the project, and it would not have been possible to achieve this without Kai-san and Yoshi-san’s commitment to our approach.

– Second and probably more important: Habataku demo was a success!

Thanks a lot to Habataku’s awesome team who trusted us from the very beginning gave us the opportunity to work on their platform.


With Habataku team

“Officience were truly great right from the get-go! In fact, their open working style, flexibility, and commitment to quality was what allowed us to deliver a successful demo on such short notice. We are currently looking to expand our collaboration with Officience into the beta development stage of our new business and our recommendations are with them 100%!” – Habataku

Our second project came from a Japanese partner based in Vietnam, PrimeLabo.

We had been supporting each other over the past few months, and it was the first time we could actually collaborate on a project. We did not directly work with the end customer for that delivery, and built a team to help PrimeLabo deliver the back-end side of the platform, スポログ.

That project was exciting for a few reasons:

– We could test our capability to work on a larger scale project, committing a team of four .NET engineers, and with specifications written mostly in Japanese.

– Secondly, there was a visible end product online, and we are happy with the result!

“Officience worked hard throughout the project, for which specifications were mostly written in Japanese. The project itself was quite agile, and collaboration went smoothly. Officience has been a good partner for us and we hope to do a new project together soon.” – Primelabo

So, what’s next?

To say the least, we’re happy about these first two projects. Our mission to support Vietnam’s leapfrog is reaching new frontiers, and we are fully ready to take on new opportunities in a near future!

Following the Japanese version !




ハバタクはデモサイトの開発と、海外留学のウェブサイトをピッチ・ コンペティション(学研アクセラレータープログラム)で発表するための迅速なサポートを探していた。

時間制約が厳しかった事と、ベトナムの学生が海外で高等教育を受けるサポートができるので、スタートか らとても刺激的なプロジェクトだった。



第一に、非常に迅速に仕事をこなした。毎日手短な討論を繰り返し行い、ハバタクのピッチ・ コンペティション当日用のデモンストレーションを仕上げた。プロジェクトの進行中、コミュニケーションはとてもス ムーズで、これは吉井さんと小原さんの協力なしには成し遂げられなかった。





私たちの2つ目のプロジェクトは、ベトナムを拠点に活動する日系パートナー、プライムラボと一緒に達成 された。


顧客とは実際に取引せず、プライムラボがスポログウェブサイトのバックエンド納品を手助けをするチ ームを作り上げた。





“オフィシエンスは、殆どの内容が日本語で書かれたプロジェクトで、とてもよく働いてくれた。プロジェクトそのものはとても迅速で、共同作業もスムーズだった。 オフィシエンスはとてもいいパートナーで、新しいプロジェクトも一緒にできることを楽しみにしています。”−プライムラボ


控えめに言っても、私たちはこの最初の2つのプロジェクトにとても満足しています。ベトナムの飛躍をサ ポートをする私たちの指名は新分野に到達しつつあり、近い将来、新しいプロジェクトに取り組めることを 楽しみにしています!

– By Sylvain Pierre

Japanese translation by Aya Otani

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