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I was truly happy as an Offy

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I’ve pondered quite a few weeks already. Ever since the opp *ANOFI has arrived. How should I bring this story up online…
When I heard the word *ANOFI, I told myself that I must have heard this word somewhere before.
So I lurked around in my Google archive and discovered, not truly related, but sound alike, a folder named *OFI. Maybe, and maybe not, *OFI can be related to *ANOFI. But it’s irrelevant to my story today.

I’m not sure many people at Officience remembered or even were aware of this *OFI project.

Few words about the project: It’s just a small project that I got to engage simply because it’s in French. The customer is a professor who wants to translate an Excel file from French to Vietnamese. In this Excel file there is some macro scripts. And the file had been translated partially in Vietnamese by someone else. For some reason, after the translation, the macro as well as the formulas didn’t work correctly anymore. So he came to us for help: please make the Vietnamese version works as expected.

As you can see, the project is neither IT, neither data, neither process. The inputs are simply:
– the original version in French (which works well)
– the translated version in Vietnamese (which has error)
– both are completely related to Excel (and probably some VBA macro)

So I’ve posted the request on Google Plus to ask if any body wanted to help me, to help this professor.
Finally I gathered a small team with 3 members: Chau Ngoc Long, Do Phuong Linh and Nguyen Kim Linh. We have struggled quite a bit but we were able to deliver the final Excel file with a sincere thanks from the professor.

Back then, the revenue of the project was not yet shared with “normal” Offies yet. But we know the budget is not high, as a total of only 25h were spent by low profile.
But you know, the feeling of happiness of getting helps from different persons from different cluster / team while they are supposed to be busy on their main project at the same time.
– Chau Ngoc Long doesn’t speak french, but has strong skills on Excel.
– Do Phuong Linh and Nguyen Kim Linh are both junior in Excel, but both are eager to help. And more importantly, they know French. So both of them took charge of the QC.
It’s my dream team of project: no one is expert, no one is perfect, but we want to help, we want to contribute, we want to share the love.

I know therefore I care

I know therefore I care

Then, this story remind me immediately of another story. #Siretisation
Do you remember this word? I think Anh Steven Chen and bạn Do Thuy Duong still remembered this pain-in-the-a$$ project.

Few words on the project: I’m not really sure how we won this project and how IT got a hand on this project. But I guess it has something to do with chi Hoang-Anh. The request is very data-crunchy. But somehow, IT must handle it. As far as I’m concerned, chi HA wanted us to analyze the system and then to build an automated tool in order to speed up and/or replace the manual work.

So it first started with me to communicate with the customer, understand their need, their expected result, as a BA. Then as there was no resource available, I was in charge of the operation and QC too. Alright, I was only a newbie, and I was quite available too. So I worked like I should to.
Few days later a big project was won, I was then assigned to work full time as Project Coordinator, BA and tester (it’s Proximity T2, from Astrium, if my memory doesn’t trick me). So I have less and less time working on Siretisation. But as still no resource available, I kept making time for the project. I remember I fell asleep sometimes working on it.

A few more days later, I couldn’t keep up with the deadline, and according to the estimation, one person isn’t enough to deliver a super big batch of Siretisation. So I was told to make a team, to analyze and to estimate the probable good delivery date. I think this is when I started my career path as what you call “Engager” today. But that’s another story for another day.

So, of course, Google Plus again. And you know what, I got a bunch of hands wanting to help: Thanh Truc from Front-End dev (Ekino candidate back then), Do Phuong Linh (P&D), Ly Nhat Sinh (Abacca), Nguyen Ph. Thong (BA), Lac Ai Phuong (who is always super busy with Orange IT Business). As they are not enough, I got help from Tran Ngoc Danh (who was still in Orange IT Business team, not yet moved to GS). Phong-Lan (Radio Online)… many others.

What’s more important than the number of persons who were ready to join hands, you know? They are all super busy. Some people could only do like 30 records a day due to their main project (each member was supposed to do for like 200 records/day). But they still contributed. They sacrificed about 30-40 minutes off their lunch, came to work half hour early, return home few dozen minutes late etc…
You see none of us are specialized in this kind of work, the only thing we have in common here is: we care.

However, later on, we got help from Crunch:
– They have better availability
– Deadline is tough and surely NĐC could not handle the mission full time
– Our guy (the most experienced on automation among Offies) concluded that it’s impossible to automate on the website UI.

That’s why we contacted Steven Chen again, and transferred bit-by-bit to Crunch, until I left Officience in 2015. As far as I’m concerned Crunch handled the job super well and still made use of the template of “Project Delivery Estimation Sheet”. Until the customer told us they have made a better automation tool and doesn’t need our QC anymore.

So why do I tell you these 2 stories today?
Back with DOFI, we learned the notion of “Cluster”, of no “Manager”. We learned the purpose of using G+. And we collaborate happily using G+.
Back with Siretisation, we learn the notion of Internal Outsourcing, we learn how to share the responsibility. We learn the true meaning of “Caring with happiness”

I was truly happy as an Offy back then.
How can I go back in time?

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