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How can engagement approach bring Offies to a more fulfilling work life?

What is engagement?

Engagement is the process of being interested and involved in a project, a person, an idea or an activity. Outcome of the Engagement process is the creation of meaningful connection between humans sharing the same causes. Sometimes also another outcome is the emergence of projects somehow supporting these causes.


Engagement vs Sales?

Offies do not want to have a Sales team whose target is only to gain more and more contracts, more and more clients. This team does not care much if Offies are willing to work with these clients and how the relationship becomes. Such a process does not meet our objectives of making all Offies happy. The only objective of sales is the emergence of projects bringing revenue to try legal entity paying the salesman, whereas in Engagement, creating connection is an outcome by itself, as well as emerging non profit projects or projects that make profit outside of Officience (like helping an Offi starting his own business).


Offy discussion


Who can be an engager?

Anyone who is interested and involved in a project, a person, an idea or an activity can become an engager. This person commits him-herself to develop the project, welcome and keep in contact with the person, realize the idea, and participate or organize the activity. They will continue to do it even if no one wants to or support them. In football, the Engager makes the first kick in the ball and by that kick starts the game. Likewise, Engager are proactively starting conversations and do this from their inner motivation, not from someone asking them to do it. This is very important because it is the proof that Engager truly, genuinely believes in his/her causes. That is why Engagers are not nominated but have to decide themselves to become one, although sometimes others can encourage you to go ahead. 


How to involve in engagement?

  1. – Discover continuously to better understand Officience’s culture, 5 causes, services and talents. Then talk about it with people around you.
  2. – Join mailing list engagement@officience.com to receive the latest info and opps from around the world.
  3. – Participate in events hosted by Officience or outdoor activities to meet people and do networking by letting them know about who you are.
  4. – Share on social networks (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter) your activities at Officience, your interests, talents at Officience as well as how Officience develop and contribute in the society. 
  5. – Update your LinkedIn profile to clearly state your own Causes (which doesn’t have to fit 100% with Offies btw), so that people sharing them with you can find you.

If you have an interest in any opp or activity, please take initiative on it and email to Engagement Team let everyone know that you will take care of it. 

Be active and proactive on what you are engaging. Ask for help or support in need during the execution period. For ex: build development team, build organization team, Purchase Request, Contract, etc.

Don’t forget to keep all Offies informed about the status of your project or activity through WorkPlace, Email, Offy Radio or Face-to-face meeting.


Objectives of engagement

  1. – Find and connect with people / organization who believe and contribute in the same causes as we do.
  2. – Make partnership to learn from their strengths and to collaborate with them on projects
  3. – Fill in their gap of making their projects successful with our skills and talents


Offy team

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