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05Jan '12

Greetings to the dreamers

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Offi wishes by Phu Loc TRAN

At the start of 2012, it's time to make a wish! In 2011, Officience could realize 3 wishes in support of scientific research, poor children and spreading ideas. In 2012, we hope to make it again ! If you know of a noble cause worth supporting or know someone who could make a good use of our know-how, our time, our energy, make a wish at wishes.officience.com before January 20th !

08Dec '11

Behind the scenes at the Telethon

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The French Association against Myopathy (AFM) kicked off their 25th Telethon on Friday 2nd December. 30 hours of viewing was broadcast on the six French public TV channels in addition to many simulcasts, all to launch the biggest charity marathon in

21Oct '11

IT training in Asia

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We’re taking a look at ‘Digital Gateways’ (‘Passerelles Numériques’ or PN), an organisation represented in Cambodia, the Philippines and in Vietnam! Launched in 2006, PN aims to improve access to information and communication technology (ICT) for disadvantaged communities, mainly via