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12Jun '16

Officence 10 years : did I learn something ?

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I wrote this speech for the 10 years anniversary ceremony of Officience creation. However, the expression of our collective intelligence established that during such a celebrative event, singing and eating cakes together were more appropriate activities than listening to an

23Sep '15

Reinventing Coworking Spaces

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After more than a year running our coworking space OffiCaire in Paris, we’re expanding the concept to Vietnam with the launch of Le Tipi this month (from August 2015). A great opportunity to explain a bit how we expect to

03Jan '13

IT in Vietnam in 2013

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When I tell people I head a software outsourcing department in Vietnam, I often get 2 questions. The first is how the macroeconomic situation in Vietnam is affecting my business and the second is whether I find skilled people to