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12Jun '16

Officence 10 years : did I learn something ?

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I wrote this speech for the 10 years anniversary ceremony of Officience creation. However, the expression of our collective intelligence established that during such a celebrative event, singing and eating cakes together were more appropriate activities than listening to an

22Sep '14

Offsharing in Vietnam

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offshore [ˈɒfʃɔː] (verb): Move some of a company’s processes or services overseas. share [ʃɛː] (verb): Give a portion of something to others. Over the past 2 years, we have strongly evolved in the way we express what we believe in.

07Aug '14

Google+ is the new mailbox

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We have been using Google+ as a corporate social network at Officience over the past 2 years, and I must say it has been an awesome experience. Now, don’t discard Google+ as just another social network. We believe that your new mailbox

09Oct '13

Creating Shared Value

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At Officience, we started a game (kloutwars) to spread the causes that drive us as an organization. Each value has a mascot and I am here to tell you more about “Creating Shared Value”. So what does it mean exactly?

30Sep '13

Who is Huu Ngoc?

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Never heard of him? Huu Ngoc is a famous Vietnamese scholar who has authored numerous articles and publications on Vietnamese culture and how it intertwines with the world’s multi-cultural fabric. Born in 1918 in Hanoi, this Asian intellectual doesn’t just