About this blog

Officience was born from a shared vision: that Vietnam would become a major player in service outsourcing.

Over the years, Officience has managed to gather the support of many clients who have enabled us to make our own small contribution to Vietnam in the form of training and job creation (250 jobs in 2011). Officience brings together a team of managers who are Vietnamese, French-Vietnamese and French, and who are all passionate about Vietnam. As a result, we have created a community of people who are closely linked to this country.

Because we have such a strong connection to the country we are living in, whether it is our country of origin or not, it means that we want to tell you about Vietnam: as we see it, as we love it! We will cover Vietnamese current events from different angles, including new technology, outsourcing, entrepreneurship, as well as sociology, economy and cultural events.

Friends of Vietnam, people who are part of French/Vietnamese cooperation, both now or in the future, we welcome you to our blog.

Enjoy reading about and discovering Vietnam!

Thank you for your visit.

Hẹn gặp lại*

* “See you soon” in Vietnamese