Incubateur Officience – Qui veut s’asseoir là?

Rất tiếc, mục này chỉ tồn tại ở Tiếng Anh (Mỹ)Tiếng Pháp.

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  • Anonymous says:

    It’s called an incubator, so what is the relationship between Officience and the entrepreneurs?

  • Anonymous says:

    Anyways, sounds like Greg stayed in VN longer than he originally planned. I’d like to check out the incubator sometime.

    1. Hi @tomosaigon, ping me when you pay us a visit and I’ll be happy to show you around. The incubator is not only about the facilities, but the people you talk to when you take a break. For me, on such occasion, talking to Greg and Nat was always very refreshing!

      1. @ Hoang Anh: thanks for the “refreshing”! @ Tomosaigon, as Hoang Anh says, the experience of working at Officience’s incubator is not only about the facilities (even if this first point is very important: it’s far more challenging and stimulating to work here than in a Café or in the sofa at home!). As an entrepreneur here, you will have many opportunities to get input from each area of a software/web startup issues. Personnally I talked a lot with the developers about tech and software engineering issues, tools and methodology with the project managers, business and marketing data, tips and contacts with the business development and marketing team, even with the CEO. 

  • Officience Vn says:

    Hello, I saw that you are in Saigon, welcome to visit us anytime you would like. And we can discuss more on this subject. If possible, you can contact us by email: contact@officience.com or by phone: +84 (0)8 3844 7746.

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