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03Jan '13

IT in Vietnam in 2013

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When I tell people I head a software outsourcing department in Vietnam, I often get 2 questions. The first is how the macroeconomic situation in Vietnam is affecting my business and the second is whether I find skilled people to

29Oct '12

SharePoint & ERP integration

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We often get this question from customers who are new to SharePoint whether SharePoint can be an ERP solution. The short answer is not quite. Otherwise, why would Microsoft also develop Dynamics, their ERP product? However, until a company gets

17Sep '12

Raising agile awareness with games

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Our software development team has started transitioning to agile for more than a year now. The motivation behind this move is better delivery and more satisfaction for our customers but also for ourselves as a team. I explain it quickly

31May '12

Outsourcing IT with Officience

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How to work nowadays in offshore, according to  Hoang Anh Phan, Head of BU IT Development at Officience. Capitalizing on potential In Vietnam there are more than 64,000 people trained in IT. They are young, dynamic and have a hunger

21Oct '11

IT training in Asia

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We’re taking a look at ‘Digital Gateways’ (‘Passerelles Numériques’ or PN), an organisation represented in Cambodia, the Philippines and in Vietnam! Launched in 2006, PN aims to improve access to information and communication technology (ICT) for disadvantaged communities, mainly via