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Vietnam Information Technology industry in 2019 is booming

Vietnam’s population is approximately 95M, which has become better known as an important regional market for outsourcing software destination and …

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Recently, VinGroup has published the open-source library named FIDO 2 Client to provide solutions for passwordless authentication. This is the …

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Officience 10 years: Did I learn something?

I wrote this speech for the 10 years anniversary ceremony of Officience creation. However, the expression of our collective intelligence …

2023 Graphic Design Trends
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2023 Graphic Design Trends

What are the Graphic design trends in 2023? What is similar or different from previous years? This is a summary of 5 styles that are considered graphic design trends this year, including their concept, application and characteristics to identify them.

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5 bước thiết kế bao lì xì công ty độc đáo

5 bước thiết kế bao lì xì độc đáo mang đặc trưng của thương hiệu, như một món quà Tết ý nghĩa thay cho những lời chúc mừng năm mới đến khách hàng và nhân viên.

Người Việt bị lừa trực tuyến vì “liều, ham và vội” - Theo GASA
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Người Việt bị lừa trực tuyến vì “liều, ham và vội” – Theo GASA

Báo cáo về tình trạng lừa đảo trực tuyến tại Việt Nam năm 2023 vừa được phát hành bởi Liên minh Chống lừa đảo toàn cầu (GASA) và dự án xã hội Chống lừa đảo (Việt Nam) mới đây. Trong đó, 3 lý do chính khiến người Việt trở thành nạn nhân của các vụ lừa đảo trực tuyến: “Tôi bị thu hút bởi lời đề nghị” (22%), “Tôi đã chọn mạo hiểm” (19%), “Tôi đã hành động quá nhanh” (17%).

Free Christmas Fonts For Commercial Use -Download
1001 Free Christmas Fonts For Commercial Use

Do you need fancy fonts for Merry Christmas? As experts in graphic design, we have a collection of the best Christmas fonts for both personal and commercial use. Download them and elevate your holiday greeting cards or Christmas messages for customers to the next level.

Unwrap 15 Creative Christmas Promotional Design Ideas

This holiday season, take your marketing efforts to new heights with our collection of creative Christmas ads and breathtaking Xmas graphic designs. Be inspired by these successful brands, and amplify the impact of your advertisement on Christmas like never before.

How to animate a video - We successfully create a 2D animation to promote ourselves
How to animate a video – We successfully create a 2D animation to promote ourselves

Unveiling the magical step-by-step animation process, revealing the secrets of how to animate a video and weaving the enchantment of commercial cartoon advertisements and company video creation.

Spread Cheer with Funny Christmas Captions and Messages for Corporate Clients and Customers

Looking for witty and humorous Christmas captions and messages to use in your Christmas newsletters, online posts, and customer communications? Discover a collection of funny Christmas captions and messages that will bring joy and laughter to your audience while strengthening your relationships with customers and corporate clients.

Protect Women in Tech - Take lesson from 3 worst cases ever
Bad tech that harm women

This is a special occasion of Vietnamese Women’s Day. In the latest post, we have introduced 5 technologies that make women’s lives better. Today, we want to shine a spotlight on an urgent issue: the harmful impact of tech on women. Let’s take lessons from the 3 worst cases ever in this post.

5 Interesting Tech Products that Empower Women's Lives
Knowledge,Technology & Science
5 Tech Products Revolutionizing Women’s Live

This is a special occasion of Vietnamese Women’s Day. We would like to shine a spotlight on innovative tech ideas that are transforming women’s lives for the better!
These ideas are shaping the way women navigate the world.

Business Economics,Technology & Science
Meet 5 of the 15% of Tech Board Seats Held by Women in Vietnam

Less than 15% of women are represented as CEOs or directors in the Vietnamese tech market. Many women frequently face challenges that lead them to leave their jobs at key stages of their careers. This issue has been explored in a previous BCG publication on diversity in Southeast Asia. Today, let’s meet five inspiring women who are shaking things up.


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