This holiday season, take your marketing efforts to new heights with our collection of creative Christmas ads and breathtaking Xmas graphic designs. Be inspired by these successful brands, and amplify the impact of your advertisement on Christmas like never before.

Lacoste Christmas 2016 campaign

Lacoste Holiday 2016 campaign by Jean Paul Goude – Source:

The campaign featured the iconic Lacoste crocodile transformed into Christmas-themed topiary sculptures, meticulously shaped and trimmed from boxwood to resemble classic Christmas trees, reindeer, and even Santa Claus. This unexpected fusion of fashion and festive imagery created a striking visual impact.

Lacoste Holiday 2016 campaign by Jean Paul Goude – Source:

Goude’s collaboration with Lacoste brought a fresh perspective to the brand’s image. By infusing his artistic flair, Goude reinvented the traditional holiday campaign, injecting it with excitement and creativity. The campaign’s visuals showcased a fusion of fashion, art, and storytelling, setting it apart from other campaigns in the same industry.

3 creative Christmas print ads from CADD

Cracker, Present, Bauble Campaign by JWT

The ‘Cracker, Present, Bauble’ professional campaign was launched in the United Kingdom in December 2011. It was developed by the ad agency JWT for the brand CADD  and includes 3 media assets to spread the message of “Don’t drink and drive” while Christmas is just around the corner.

‘Valentine’s day – Anniversary, Birthday – Christmas by Dylon

This professional campaign titled ‘Valentine’s Day – Anniversary, Birthday – Christmas’ was published in France in March 2010. It was created for the brand Dylon, by ad agency Grey. This print medium campaign promoted its fabric dyes with the message “Give clothes a second chance.”

This Christmas Adopt by Champion Pet Food

This Christmas Adopt was created for Champion Pet Food by Porta Agency to spread the message of compassion and responsible pet ownership by urging people to adopt pets instead of purchasing them as gifts. The campaign emphasized the immense joy and companionship that pets bring to families, especially during the festive season.

Leafy Christmas Card from STIHL

In locations such as Toronto, the absence of snow on the ground in the middle of December has raised questions about the possibility of a snowless Christmas season. Stihl’s advertisement promoted their leaf blower, which remains essential for many households where snowfall is scarce. In a creative twist, they construct a Christmas tree using a pile of leaves to convey their message.

Unwrap more Christmas designs from popular brands

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