Once upon a time, in a bustling creative hub, there was a remarkable animation studio called Creative Tribe. Fueled by passion and driven by imagination, they embarked on a journey to create a captivating promotion video for themselves…

Join us as we unveil the magical step-by-step animation process, revealing the secrets of how to animate a video and weave the enchantment of commercial cartoon advertisements and company video creation.

Start with an animated screenplay

Animation screenwriting involves crafting a narrative specifically tailored for the animated medium, utilizing visual storytelling techniques to captivate and engage audiences. It presents the story, including dialogue, actions, and character interactions, allowing for the creation of imaginative and compelling animation storylines, while also ensuring that everyone involved understands the sequence of events.

Cartoon animation script example

Create a storyboard

Storyboarding is a crucial step in the process of any professional video animation company. While a screenplay provides certain key visual instructions, a storyboard offers comprehensive visual interpretations. Put simply, when a storyboard artist creates the storyboard design, they must depict every single shot, camera movement, angle, and edit.

2d animation creating a storyboard examples

Design your own cartoon character

Character design is the process of fully developing a character’s feature, style,  and color applied in animation production, games, and even brand mascot. Prior to starting the sketch, the artist must undertake extensive conceptual reference based on brand personality, key message and and even fundamental psychology.

Cartoon characters easy drawing - simple animation character design

Animate your illustrations with After Effects

After the whole completion of animation process steps above, you can now animate your illustrations, adding movement, transitions, and effects to transform them into dynamic and engaging visuals. Whether you’re aiming for a simple cartoon or more complex animations, After Effects provides the tools to unleash your creativity and produce stunning animated content.

We hope this step-by-step guide has provided you with valuable insights into the animation process for video creation. At Creative Tribe, our talented team is passionate about bringing your ideas to life through the magic of animation.

Meet our team
Moyo – Director
Hoang – Scriptwriter
Hieu – Animator
Van – Illustrator
and more teammates who gave a lot of feedback on this 😎

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