Tropicana launched a limited-edition campaign featuring “Tropcn” orange juice, highlighting its focus on natural ingredients. This playful twist on their name subtly jabbed at the rise of artificial intelligence (AI).

To activate the campaign, they drove a cool, old van to CES, a major tech event in Las Vegas, and handed out orange juice bottles with the “a.i” missing. In this era dominated by all things artificial, Tropicana cleverly used its “low-tech” orange juice brand to stand out amongst the high-tech at CES, poking fun at the AI hype. 

Tropicana Removes the Letters "AI" From Their Name To Tropcn
Image source: Tropicana

On Instagram, they used a fun Reel showcasing a Tropicana bottle spinning from “Tropicana” to “Tropcn.” Customers could also hunt for these limited-edition bottles at select Kroger Family of Stores for a chance to win a trip to Florida – the Tropicana’s hometown.

🎯Campaign results:
Over 17,000 sweepstakes entries
16,000+ Reel views
Major media coverage (CNN, Fox, CNET,…)

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Image source: Tropicana

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