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Officience was born from a shared vision that Vietnam would become a major player in service outsourcing. You will find a ton of useful guides, inspirational articles, resources, videos, photos, and so much more about us. Check them out!


Business Economics
Vietnam Information Technology industry in 2019 is booming

Vietnam’s population is approximately 95M, which has become better known as an important regional market for outsourcing software destination and …

Culture & Social
Officience 10 years: Did I learn something?

I wrote this speech for the 10 years anniversary ceremony of Officience creation. However, the expression of our collective intelligence …

News & Events
Officience – Legendary Comeback Event

We all know that there will be a bunch of stories to tell on the day we come back from …

Technology & Science
Big guys in technology combat the COVID-19 pandemic

No matter who you are, what you do and how much you earn, in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, …

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News & Events

BE IN FRANCE – A journey for open knowledge

Officience is a French-Vietnamese company which has pioneered in the global outsourcing industry. With two headquarters located in Paris and Ho Chi Minh City, we always do our best to be a trustworthy partner for our worldwide clients. However, we acknowledge that the geography gap between countries has limited us …

Business Economics,Culture & Social
“Work from home” Is it the most effective solution? – PART 1

Part 1: You are the leader of your own working process Phần 1: Bạn là người “làm chủ” công việc …

Technology & Science
COVID-19 through technology outlook

The consequence of COVID-19 has left several difficulties for not only business development but also individuals’ lives. Almost all of …


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