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Vietnam Information Technology industry in 2019 is booming

Vietnam’s population is approximately 95M, which has become better known as an important regional market for outsourcing software destination and …

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Recently, VinGroup has published the open-source library named FIDO 2 Client to provide solutions for passwordless authentication. This is the …

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Officience 10 years: Did I learn something?

I wrote this speech for the 10 years anniversary ceremony of Officience creation. However, the expression of our collective intelligence …

How Payment Apps keep your information safe and sound
How do Payment Apps keep your information safe and sound?

I’m Quang – a Mobile app developer, specializing in iOS. Today, I spent 30 minutes reading “How Apple Pay works under the hood?” by Prashant Ram. I am excited to share this knowledge right away. And I will try to explain it in the simplest way.

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No A.I. – 100% orange juice, declared Tropicana

Tropicana launched a limited-edition campaign featuring “Tropcn” orange juice, highlighting its focus on natural ingredients. This playful twist on their name subtly jabbed at the rise of artificial intelligence (AI).

What is CMS and examples of the best CMS - 3 minutes to grasp
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What is CMS and examples of the best CMS – 3 minutes to grasp

The article defines CMS as a software application that helps create, manage, and modify digital content. CMS examples include WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla,… Learn more about CMS definition and its role in website development and management.

What is SSL certificate? - Simple explanation for non-tech people
Knowledge,Technology & Science
What is SSL certificate? – Simple explanation for non-tech people

What is an SSL certificate? Simply put, it’s a security measure that encrypts data transmitted between a web server and a browser. Whether you’re buying an SSL certificate or looking for a free one, it’s important to ensure the safety and protection of your website visitors.

Branding Design - What’s A Branding Package Include? - Cost - Example
Branding Design – What A Branding Package Includes – Cost – Example

Branding package is a collection of offline and digital assets designed to establish your brand image, such as a brand logo, brand color, brand book, brand font, social presence, prints, mascots,… Each element in the package reflects a desired style that links all brand elements together and sends a consistent message across platforms. This is also known as brand identity design, branding elements design, visual identity, brand assets,…

Color palette generator
Color palette generator tool – Create color scheme for your design

The following 4 Color palette generator websites will help you:
– Explore color palettes by theme
– Mix&match from the selected color
– Analyze colors from available designs
– Create multiple gradients 
Let’s check it out!

Get Domain Name Ideas Instantly – Tips & Tools

How to choose a strong domain name? 7 tips to assist you in picking the best one!
– Start with .com, then .org; .net
– Be not exceeding 2–3 words
– Avoid using numbers and hyphens
– Stick to keywords with Google Keyword Planner
– Think about adaptation
– Use a domain name generator
– Top reputable domain registrars

Burberry just change logo 2023
Burberry Reuse Logo – Fancy Or Cheesy?

Some people get sick when many brands “change their identities like changing clothes” every time they have a new Creative Director. Is Daniel Lee just trying to be different from his predecessor Riccardo Tisci?

Make A SME Website in 2023 Guideline
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Make A Website For Small Business in 2023

To discover how to create a website for a small business, read our simple and short guide. We’ll go over key design factors, practical resources, and how to launch your site.

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3 bước bình chọn:
– Bước 1: Nhập mã xác minh được Ban tổ chức cung cấp.
– Bước 2: Nhấn “Vote” khi bạn đã chắc chắn về sự lựa chọn của mình.
– Bước 3: Nhấn “Reload” trang để tiếp tục bình chọn đến khi hết lượt.


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